Boxing: Can Baldomir Upset Mayweather?

On November 4th, 2006 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, Floyd Mayweather Jr (36-0 24KOs) will challenge Carlos Baldomir (43-9-6 13KOs) for the WBC welterweight championship of the world.

In a division loaded with extremely talented competition, Carlos Baldomir is on his way to super stardom. He’s emerged above the crowd of welterweights by defeating both Zab Judah and Arturo Gatti in less than a year. As a result Baldomir, 35, will defend his title against the #1 pound for pound fighter of the sport, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd, 29, looks to capture another world title in his fourth weight class. Mayweather, originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has won world titles at 130lbs, 135lbs, 140lbs and 147lbs. He’s proven to the world that he is without a doubt the best fighter in the sport by dominating some of the industry’s top tier fighters.

After Floyd’s April 8th showdown with former undisputed welterweight champion Zab Judah, it was no surprise that Floyd would eventually pursue future hall of famer Oscar De La Hoya. In recent interviews and writings, it’s been apparent that Floyd has indeed mentioned that he would be interested in fighting the golden boy. However, when Oscar announced that he wasn’t interested in fighting the rest of this year, Floyd had to direct his attention elsewhere.

When Carlos Baldomir upset the boxing world by defeating Zab Judah on their January 7th 2006 matchup, it was evident that Baldomir’s name was to be mentioned amongst some of the other talented faces among the welterweight division. Then, just six months later on July in a hot night out in Atlantic City, New Jersey, many sought to believe that the end of Baldomir would show when he faced Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti. Carlos Baldomir may have been the only fan for himself in that house on July 22nd. He stopped Gatti inside of nine dramatic rounds. The defeat of Gatti once again shocked the boxing world, everyone accept Baldomir himself, and it earned him the right to
face Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It seems rather ironic that Baldomir who is the WBC champion would “have the right” to face Floyd Mayweather Jr. However in this particular sport and this situation, Mayweather has the recognition as the best fighter in the world, pound for pound.

Tale of the tape
Weight class: Welterweight (147lbs)

Floyd Mayweather Jr:

Height: 5’8
Reach: 72″
Speed: A+
Power: B-
Best Punch: Left hook & Right hand lead.


Floyd is faster, sharper, more accurate and better defensively. He is an exceptionally fast starter with great stamina and conditioning, very hard to hit, hurt and extremely difficult to prepare for.


Currently recognized as the #1 fighter in the sport, Floyd has captured world titles and knockout victories at four different weight classes. In his arsenal, Floyd possesses impressive hand speed, footwork, and decent chin along with solid punching power. His defensive skills are phenomenal. At close quarters he sees just about every punch coming, and his counter-attack is one of the best in the business.


Within recent fights, Floyd has been enthusiastic about standing in the pocket and trading with some of boxing’s best. Considering Baldomir’s chin, this may not prove to be much of a good idea for Floyd. There are times when Mayweather tends to drop that left hand in an attempt to emulate his shoulder rolling technique that is quite impressive. However, one has to wonder if there is a fighter who can penetrate against that defensive swagger, and that may be Baldomir.

How he can win:

In order for Floyd Mayweather Jr to be victorious, he must and most likely will beat Carlos Baldomir to the punch. Floyd has to be smart, he has to stay out of harms way. If Baldomir can knockout Gatti, he’ll probably be able to do the same to Floyd if given the chance. Box, shake, bake, rattle, slip and slide away from this Argentinean brawler if possible. Stay off the ropes, and avoid trading punches.

Carlos Baldomir

Height: 5’7
Reach: 67
Speed: C+
Power: B-
Best Punch: Overhand right

Advantages: Carlos Baldomir is quite strong as a welterweight. He’s relentless, tough, never stops coming forward and very hard to knockout or hurt. He’s confident going through with this fight, and history has shown that a confident man is a willing man. He’s stronger, heavier and has an iron chin.

Strengths: Although he isn’t the most technically sound fighter of this era of welterweights, Baldomir is very strong, unpredictable at times and relentless. He’s a hard-nosed fighter who won’t seem to give up, and is likely to take many punches that come his way. He’s an aggressor, a risk taker and frustrating because of his granite face. What he lacks in skill he makes up for it in guts, passion and the fact that he’s been undefeated in the last eight years of ring activity.

Weaknesses: Baldomir is kind of slow at times and doesn’t exactly have the speed to keep up with some of the more elite welterweights. His punching power comes from his consistency of physically wearing down and exhausting his opponents. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear very mobile in some aspects. Therefore, he often may have difficulty of keeping up with fighters who are much faster than him.

How he can win: In order for Baldomir to defeat Mayweather, he may have to get in close and smother Floyd’s punches. Jose Luis Castillo, although he lost, has shown possibly the best method so far at dealing with Floyd. Castillo would get in close and smother Floyd’s punches; this may work for Baldomir. Carlos also should consider attacking Mayweather’s body early throughout the bout. The worst idea possible would be for him to try to outbox Floyd.

Jerrell, is this bout worth my hard earned $49.95?

I would think so. Carlos has proven in two fights against solid competition that he may be able to prevent some problems for Floyd Mayweather Jr. Not to mention, it may turn out to be a good pay per view card featuring other top-quality fighters. As HBO commentary analyst Larry Merchant always says, “Boxing is the theatre of the unexpected. Anything can happen.”

Worth my money!

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