Breast Milk is Best, Breast Pumps Can Get You There!

When it comes to an infant’s nutrition, many doctors will agree, breast is best.

There will come a time when you will want to bottle your breast milk. Bottling your breast milk has many advantages. For one, it allows baby’s father to be part of the feeding process. Many fathers view feeding time as a bonding time just as a mother does. By bottling your breast milk, you can afford baby’s father with the opportunity to join in this beautiful experience. This will also allow father to get up and administer feedings through the night so that you can sleep.

Breast pumps were created to make expelling breast milk for storage or bottle feedings easier. It is very important to do your homework when selecting the right breast pump for you. The first thing to realize is that there are several different types of pumps, and they all serve different purposes. Selecting the right one will make all the difference in your comforts.

The most standard of all breast pumps are the manual versions. These pumps were designed for mothers who will be breast feeding their babies at almost every feeding, and will only be pumping a few times a week. Manual pumps have no electrical parts and utilize a squeeze handle and suction cup to draw the milk out of the breast. The suction cup is normally fully adjustable and some feature a swivel for easy positioning. Manual pumps are simple to operate and are very lightweight. Most models are small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag and can easily be taken anywhere. The only downside to manual pumps is that they can sometimes be less than comfortable when pumping time comes. Be certain to read the owner’s manual and pumping instructions when you purchase yours, carefully following the instructions will give you the best chances of a comfortable and painless pumping experience.

Other types of pumps many be battery operated. These pumps are a little more convenient than the regular manual breast pumps because they allow you to pump more milk more quickly than you could with a regular manual pump. Most models share some of the same characteristics of the manual pumps, with soft plastic suction cups that can be swiveled for an easy adjustment to make pumping more comfortable for you. Battery operated breast pumps are great for moms who need to pump their breast milk more than just a few times a week.

Out of all the breast pumps, the one that is best for the working moms or mothers who will not be able to breast feed exclusively, are the electric breast pumps. Electrical breast pumps use an electrical power supply to make pumping extremely quick and easy. Many models available today give you the ability to pump not only from one breast, but from both simultaneously. Electrical pumps are not as quiet or lightweight as the manual or battery-operated pumps, nor are they as easy to stow and carry along with you. Electric pumps do give you a little more control over suction speeds and are far more comfortable than the manual and battery-operated versions. Electric pumps are excellent for mothers who have delivered multiples whose feedings needs are more intense than those of a single baby. They also serve a wonderful purpose for mothers who choose to pump exclusively or would like to store their milk for later use.

Most breast pumps come with bottles that can be used for feeding and for storing your breast milk. Always be certain that you read the owners manuals and user instructions for the care and cleaning of your breast pump and accessories.

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and most accepted forms of caring for your child. Breast pumps make this choice a very easy reality for mothers. With a little research, you can find the type of breast pump that is just right for you and meets yours and your baby’s needs.

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