Brick Home Marked for Demolition Makes Me Nostalgic

This once lovely brick home with a fireplace in every room and all the original woodwork is now marked for demolition.

I moved back to my old neighborhood in the spring of 2013 and noticed two houses directly across the street marked for demolition. Now if either of these houses were drug houses, they would have been torn town years ago. However, when an old house is abandoned like this one the county takes its good old time to finally tear it down.

In fact just a few weeks ago a house around the corner suddenly disappeared because it was apparently a drug house.

I can’t help but think of what it was like when this old house was filled with children and happy parents especially this time of the year getting ready for Christmas!

My mind takes me back to when little ones played in the front yard and busily ran around making a snow man. I can just imagine what it would be like to live in a house like this especially this time of the year with children’s stockings hung up in front of the living room fireplace.

I wonder how much wood it would take to keep all those fireplaces going in the winter. I am filled with nostalgia as I think of families getting together during the holidays and enjoying this warm cozy and well built house! I can also imagine family and friends gathering around the piano and singing Christmas carols!

My next door neighbor whom I would like to call “the keeper of the grapevine” told me that this house used to be filled with fun, love and laughter this time of year.

Why this sturdy all brick house was abandoned no one seems to know! If I had the money I would buy it and take it off the demolition list! Then I would restore it to its original glory! Perhaps this is why the city has not tore it down as of yet.

Maybe there are waiting for someone to buy it and turn it into the lovely home it once was so many years ago.

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