Building a Traffic-worthy Website

Building a website that will be considered a Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½traffic worthy site’ is essential for your site’s success. A traffic worthy site is developed for more than just the human, however. It also needs to be developed for the search engines along with their spiders and crawlers. That is why a sound web design is crucial for driving traffic to your site. So, what is involved in building a traffic worthy site you ask?
First of all, you must perform a thorough research into what constitutes your company’s keywords.

SEO. Everywhere we turn anymore it seems we hear about search engine optimization (SEO for short). SEO consists of keyword optimization. SEO also is utilized by both search engines automatically and humans manually. Each time a visitor types in their word of choice into the search engine (known as search utilization), sites pop up containing that word. See the importance of knowing your keywords?

It is estimated that more than 86% of all human visitors arrive at websites via search engines. Recent statistics have shown that Google is the top pick search engine. Can you see how search engine optimization is of utmost important for your site’s success?

A top ranking in the search engines can bring you highly targeted traffic. These particular visitors are essential for your success. You offer a certain product. Visitors are searching for that particular product and come across your site. You offer something they are seeking. Therefore, search engines are sending you pre-qualified customers.

Google indexed 8 billion pages. Google uses bots (also known as spiders and crawlers.) It’s important for marketers to know how spiders crawl around your web page and site.

Search engine crawlers are your best visitor. Giving the crawler unlimited ability to move around your website and page is essential for your search engine ranking.

Your website must be spider (search engine) friendly if you want any traffic from the search engines. The search engine spider does not read your website the way humans do. The spider reads HTML (web page source code). If your site does not contain it, or uses it poorly, the spider will give up.

Furthermore, spiders love text content. They do not care about JavaScript at all. Sites containing a multitude of images and no ALT tags may not be indexed properly for the spiders. The site may be appealing to the eye, but the bot spiders do not care. They will lose interest in your site. So, when designing your site, you must convince your web developer of incorporating some structural design that promotes search engine friendliness.

A smart web developer will see what their site looks like to search engines. A Lynx viewer (text mode web browser) is great for this. This viewer also make one’s site friendly for the vision impaired who regularly search the net. Yes, there are millions doing this.

Designing your website for your human visitors should be first priority. A balancing act between human and search engine visitors is a tricky one, but needs to be accomplished.

Practice good SEO, but not at the expense of your visitors’ viewing experience.

It’s also important to note that web browser standards are not yet fully integrated. For instance, a site that looks good in Window’s Internet Explorer may not look good in the Mozilla based Firefox or Netscape. Developers must be knowledgeable about cross browser design for their website’s success. Plus, with the multitude of hand held devices provide another issue. These hand held devices display information differently and developers must be conversant in W3C formatting. Google-backed Firefox is quickly eating up Window’s Internet Explorer browsing turf. Developers must keep abreast of these changes.

Never use a word processor to design your website. Word processing software is notorious for containing a variety of hidden messy codes which are not search engine friendly.

Search engine ‘bots’ are your most important visitors. You must accommodate and entice them. By properly designing your website, you will gain respect with them. This respect, in turn, increases both your targeted visitors and sales.

The subject of bringing traffic to your website is immense. This article touches upon only a few of the ways you can succeed in this area. You can only benefit by knowing how to build a traffic-driven website.

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