Building an Eco Friendly Home

The impact we have impaled on our earths environment can no longer be ignored. Our ecosystems have become compromised by the extreme usage and wasting of our environmental resources. There have been thousands of acres of woodlands reaped for the use of only a few houses. Leftover’s from construction projects and homes demolished to place new homes on land purchased are ending up in our landfills to only sit there for thousands of years, poisoning our earth painfully, a little at a time. This poisoning will affect not only the planet for us but for centuries to come. Many people have found come to believe that our earth is worth more to them as a whole, rather than as a part and have started taken part in recycling projects, even getting into building recycled homes from earth, eco-friendly homes.

Kelly and Rosana Hart, hosts of a website called “greenhomebuilding” have listed a multitude number of information, books, websites and more for those who are interested in building themselves an earth friendly home. Kelly and Rosana themselves live in a earth friendly house, called an Earthbag house (also called a sandbag house). Sandbags have long been known for their uses to help prevent floods, used as barges and barriers to prevent overflowing of creeks and rivers. Those bags used for eco friendly home building are usually made with polypropylene bags which will last longer than their older counter parts, burlap bags, which were known to eventually rot. Earthbag construction is strong, said to be bullet and bomb proof. Earthbag building is fast to build and if used for a permanent structure, it is suggested to have a plaster covering to help protect the polypropylene bag covering from over extended sun exposure.

Other products that can be considered for use of building an eco / earth friendly home are: “Adobe, Cob, Rammed Earth, Cast Earth, Strawbale, Cordwood, Earthship, papercrete” and much, mush more! But the earth friendly home does not end in the construction phase of your home! Oh no! Even the inside of your home can be eco friendly as well. Water and air purifiers, natural home furnishings, compost toilets, solar power and other energy efficient heaters, coolers, fans, and so much more can add to the efficacy of your eco friendly home.

Start out with your dream home plans by going to a site such as Dream Green Home Plans. There you can figure out what type of plan your would like based on styles, the types of materials that you would want in your home and the function you want your home / building /structure to fulfill. Then you can head on over to a site such as Sustainable Building Sources. Between there and Green Home Building you can get everything else you may need to finish or touch up your eco friendly home. From forums to bookstores to professional directory’s that can give your mind an overload of information, these websites plus many more can offer you more than what you may be looking for when in search for any number of sources to lead you to your final destination, your dream, green, eco, earth friendly home.

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