Bulletproof Auto Glass

The automotive replacement glass industry specializes in the replacement of auto glass such as windshields and door glasses. Every so often, a client will call needing bulletproof glass for their vehicle. These clients are usually high profile celebrities, politicians, law enforcement or security professionals.

Bullets can penetrate and shatter regular automotive glass but bulletproof glass is designed to stop one or several rounds of bullets. The level of protection of bullet resistant and bulletproof glass all depends on how thick the bulletproof glass is and the type of weapon firing the bullets.

Replacing auto glass with bulletproof glass isn’t quite as simple as ordering up a windshield from the manufacturer and installing it. Bulletproof auto glass must be custom made for the vehicle and it must meet strict Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Like windshields, bulletproof auto glass is laminated. Laminated glass is essentially two pieces of glass sandwiching an inner layer of a polycarbonate material. Laminated glass holds together rather than shattering into shards. Bulletproof laminated glass uses thicker glass than ordinary windshields and a more specialized, high tech inner polycarbonate sheet. When a bullet is fired at the glass, it pierces the first layer of glass but is stopped by the polycarbonate layer. The thicker the bulletproof glass, the better the protection it offers from more powerful bullets.

Laminated glass can be cut to size as long as it’s flat. Most windshields however are curved and special tooling is necessary for the proper manufacture of bulletproof windshields. Bulletproof windshields consist of laminated safety glass with polycarbonate sheets bonded to custom fitted glass.

Bulletproof door glasses and bulletproof back glasses protect against bullets as well as other attacks such as sledgehammer attacks. The process of manufacturing bulletproof door and back glasses is similar to bulletproof windshields.

In addition, the bulletproof glass must pass all the same safety standards as regular replacement auto glass for roof crush resistance and retention. If a windshield pops out of a vehicle during an impact or rollover, the car’s safety systems fail, the passenger could be thrown from the vehicle, the roof could crush or the passenger side airbag could fail. What good is bulletproof glass if it’s installed improperly?

Choosing a reputable auto glass replacement company that employs NGA (National Glass Association) certified master technicians is a good option for custom bulletproof auto glass. NGA certified master technicians have achieved the highest level of education, experience and testing in the automotive replacement glass industry. Be sure to find out what kind of experience the technician has with bulletproof glass.

Other options for installing bulletproof glass are companies that specialize in protective services and armoring cars. These companies not only offer bulletproof glass but they can bulletproof the entire car. No matter which route is chosen for the installation of bulletproof auto glass, choosing a company that employs high quality technicians who are experienced with bulletproof auto glass and the safety issues involved is one of the most important concerns.

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