Bush or Williams: Who’s Number One in the Draft?

We are getting closer to the draft, and it seems more and more likely that Reggie Bush, the USC stud is going to be the #1 pick in this year’s NFL draft. However, there has been some skeptism that the first overall pick will be Mario Williams, a defensive end with a prowless of Michael Strahan and the quickness of a Jevon Kearse. And these rumors might actually end up true.
It makes more sense for the Houston Texans to take a defensive player instead of a once in a lifetime pick. Sure, Reggie Bush is the ‘new’ breed of running back that will outrun and slickly sidestep any opponent on the field. It’s hard to say not to pick Bush, but if that decision does pass through management, then the Texans should trade down to get Williams. But they won’t because they want the hype, the rumors, and the suspicion leading up this year’s draft. Why? Because their season last year was so dismal that any former XFL team was more exciting to watch than the Texans. Plain and simple, they just sucked right from the get go.
So, to improve their franchise, they will take Williams. This is not because he is the best player in the draft, but he is the best fit for the team. Bush would only likely create a controversy in Houston on who their numero uno running back should be. Especially since the Texans selected Vernand Morency from Oklahoma State in last years draft. Not to mention that Dominick Davis has a large contract, and to sign Bush, well that figure will be in a whole another ballpark (Not to mention the 10 plus million signing bonus he is going to get). The expenses would be astronomical because Houston is still going to have to bring in a big defensive player, who is young and promising, to fulfill at least a decent defensive team. They also signed QB David Carr to an extension leaving no desire to sign a promising young quarterback from the draft.
While their offense wasn’t the greatest last season, it also was plagued with injury and simply overrated wide outs. So, their offense should be considerable better this year, especially if they sign a great possession receiver out of free agency or dig deep in the draft for a Keyshawn Johnson type wide receiver in later rounds. Either way, if the Houston Texans want to improve, it must be through their defense. After all, defenses win games and championships.
Another factor in improving their defense rather than their offense is the division they are in. They play two games against the colts, jaguars, and titans. Now, titans aren’t a stellar team, so the games will be close with their lack of defense. However, the other two teams, who both made the playoffs last year, will make a push towards already improving stacked offenses. Not to mention, in order to compete in this division, you need defense since both teams are extremely good on both ends of the ball. So, Williams seems to be the future team icon that the Texans desire.
Not to mention, that teams are going to be focusing on running away from free agents Anthony Weaver and Sam Cowart, who will provide much of the defensive presence that was lacked so much last year. Williams will have to contain his side and he has the speed to be that dominating DE of a Simeion Rice or Kearse. Simply put, Mario Williams will finally put the final piece into the puzzle for the future of the Texans. They have made the right free agent moves and will be a surprising threat to teams, but Williams for the Texans will be the better pick in the draft than Bush.

Mario Williams vs. Reggie Bush� and with the first selection in the 2006 draft the Houston Texans select Mario Williams or they trade down to get him later with the 3rd or 4th pick in the draft.

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