Businesses Survive and Thrive with Offshore Merchant Accounts

Offshore accounts have are often seen as tax havens for the rich and famous, and in movie theaters as a haven for the criminally-driven. In real life, offshore banking services play a vital role in allowing established businesses to have a global reach, while offering start-ups and businesses with little or no credit history access to services that would otherwise be denied to them at American banks.

A domestic bank’s reluctance to provide merchant accounting services to a domestic business is one of the main reasons that businesses pursue offshore merchant processing. Credit card services are essential to a company’s survival. Normally, banks in the United States offer lower costs for merchant processing services than overseas banks. Yet when American businesses do not qualify for merchant processing services in the states, an attractive, yet cost-effective alternative is to seek offshore merchant services. There are other options available, as in obtaining merchant services from overseas banks or using a third-party processor; these options have a stigma attached and are cost prohibitive, however, leaving offshore merchant processing as the lower cost, and therefore best option.

The failure by American businesses to qualify for merchant services through American banks is by no fault of the business. High risk ventures will most likely be denied these services. High risk businesses include adult entertainment services, new companies starting up, online gambling, and telemarketing ventures.

Offshore merchant processors are legal business entities offering many benefits. These companies usually sell merchant processing services to international banks at a cost that is lower than if the bank’s own services. This means that offshore merchant processors have good relationships with international banks. Meanwhile, American banks may demand high upfront costs for businesses that have sketchy credit histories or have a high amount of risk. Although the cost for merchant services are often a bit higher than those offered by domestic banks, the advantage for a high-risk business using the offshore processor is the elimination of that large initial deposit. In addition, offshore merchant services also allow companies to process different types of credit card transactions that U.S. banks do not handle, making it a great global business utility. Added benefits such as privacy, and unlimited credit card transactions, and taxation savings make offshore credit card processing an attractive option for businesses.

Offshore credit card processing does have some inherent risk. They are not regulated by the Federal Trade Commission, the Electronic Transaction Association, or the Federal Communications Commission. The less restrictive nature of these entities is ideal because it promotes growth.

Offshore merchant processing is a useful service that provides for global expansion, as well as offering an alternative for start-ups and high risk businesses to successfully compete in domestic and international business environments.

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