Buying Guide: Luxury Bath Towels

There is nothing like the feel of soft, plush, and cozy towels to help you relax and dry off after a shower. Luxury towels available today are made with a variety of cotton, wood fiber, and even organic choices making the selections incredibly soft and pampering. Enjoy a spa quality feel with an Egyptian cotton blend, or choose a blended organic and wood fiber combination for the balance of versatility and elegance.

Bath towels are generally available in the following sizes: hand towels, bath towels, bath sheets. Hand towels are also termed ‘guest’ towels, and can be used for a variety of purposes. These are perfect for at-home facials, and general use. Bath towels are usually 30″ x 50″, and can be used after a shower or dip in the Jacuzzi! Bath sheets are the largest at 30″ x 36″, and can be used as a ‘robe’ on most people. The generous size of bath sheets makes it a versatile and great all-purpose towel. These are the sizes most often found in luxury hotels and spas, along with the guest hand towels.

When selecting your luxury bath towel, keep in mind the following key elements:

âÂ?¢ Rotate your sets of towels to maximize their use. Ideally, you’ll want 1-2 complete sets per person

âÂ?¢ Do take note of the washing instructions, and don’t mix rough materials such as denim in the wash cycle; also avoid using fabric softener when possible, as this can increase the breakdown of the soft towel fibers

âÂ?¢ Microfiber and sateen additions will make your towel even more soft; although you won’t find these blends in the organic options, they are a great option for guest extravagance, and self-pampering indulgence!

� 100% cotton are your best bet for long-lasting comfort and fiber strength

� Egyptian and Turkish towels are the top choices for most luxury hotels and spas; Switzerland and Italy also offer some rich cotton blends

� Combed cotton is what gives luxury-style towels their soft feel. Terry towels are generally used for all-purpose, rougher use, and will not provide the plush feel you are looking for

� The heavier the towel, the higher its absorbency level; judge the weight of your towel and find the best match for your needs

Brands of luxury towels range from organic styles, microfiber blends, plush 100% Egyptian cotton imports, and other varieties. Available in almost any color, you can deck out your bathroom with any of the following top picks: offers 100% Organic Certified Hollywood Spa towels in all sizes, and its all-cotton blend is made in Europe. These imported towels are Certified Organic by IMO of Switzerland, and give you the naturally plush softness of fresh cotton. Since the towels are not made with any chemicals or dyes, they are fresh and as close to pure cotton as you can get! The company notes that it can take up to six washes to get these towels to natural absorbency, as the fibers need to break down a little to achieve their full effects. Rawganique cotton towels range in price from $16 for the hand towels, to $59 for the bath sheet. Sets of wash, hand, bath, and sheets are also available as a package starting at $84-$123.

Legna Luxury Towels offered by offer plump, luxurious, and super-soft towels from Italy. The high-interlocking fiber construction provides a very thick texture, and the parchment and khaki colors are natural-looking and appealing. The guest towel is priced at $25, the bath towel at $59, and the bath sheet at $78. The Legna Luxury Towel line is an elegant addition to your spa-style bathroom, complete with a sateen finish.

Peacock Alley is a top choice brand for many luxury spas, and offers a unique pattern of Damask on luxurious cotton in an array of colors. The 100% Aegean cotton for these towels is specially cultivated on the coasts of the Aegean seas in Turkey, which is grown by local farmers. Since there is no machine harvesting involved, Peacock Alley comes close to organic and pure blends. The wash cloth is priced at $9, hand towel at $20, and bath towel at $35.

Enjoy the indulging effects of a high-quality, luxury towel to outfit your bathroom, at-home spa, or relaxation area. Today’s choices range from pure, organic lines, or machine-made microfiber and sateen blends; all offer the exquisite touch of a luxury hotel and spa, and can last you between 8-10 years with the right care and maintenance. Make the investment; your skin deserves it!

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