Buying Guide: Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap

An herbal and therapeutic neck wrap can bring plenty of benefits to soothe aching your aching neck, shoulders, and upper back. Today’s varieties include microwaveable versions that heat up quickly to create an additional massage effect. Aromatherapy scents and flexible materials provide extra support on your tiresome days, and can help revitalize and re-energize your senses in just a few minutes! The Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap is a top choice amongst today’s brands and variations; it offers steady heat, high-quality construction, and a washable fleece that is soft to the touch!

Therapeutic neck wraps can be made with a variety of fillers; these include flaxseed, herbal teas, seeds, buckwheat, dry rice, or millet seed. Fillers inside neck wraps serve to generate and retain heat, moisture, and even scent. The best filler for your neck wrap is buckwheat or flaxseed, as it is long lasting and all natural. The Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap is made with a mixture of herbal fillers and seeds. Herbal additions to any neck wrap can help to maintain freshness and additional fragrances. The ultimate therapeutic neck wraps are constructed with soft flannel, cashmere, and lightly quilted fabrics. Additional benefits of aromatherapy can be experienced with a drop of clove or eucalyptus oil.

Scented neck pillows can easily be draped around your neck while you are at the office, driving, or just reading and relaxing. They provide a steady source of heat and pressure to bring relief to soothing aching and painful muscles. Neck wraps can even be used at bedtime to wind down. Hot water bottles and heat pads can be awkward during the winter months, and difficult to keep on the shoulders and neck area. The Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap is your best bet for heat and comfort. The wrap’s high-quality fleece construction is soft and superbly comfortable. It wraps around almost all neck sizes, and won’t get in the way of other activities by slipping off.

The Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap comes with convenience ‘scent packs’ that are tucked into the wrap to enhance its soothing abilities! The scent packs use ingredients such as cinnamon, cloves, and eucalyptus, three potent aromatherapy sources for ultimate relaxation. The Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap captures moist heat from the area, and stays warm for extended periods of time. This means you don’t have to reheat your neck wrap during your stress-free session! Simply heat it for 30-second increments until it reaches the temperature you are comfortable with, and let it rest on around your neck and shoulders. The polar heat packs and fleece are washable, so it makes it easy to maintain your neck wrap with minimal effort.

Neck wraps and soothing aids are often used in spa services and during relaxation retreats to encourage deeper relaxation. It is common for most of us to carry a lot of extra and unnecessary tension in our shoulders, upper back, and neck areas. With the right stress management tools, you can relieve any stress and pain in these areas; a therapeutic neck wrap can help immensely!

The Spa Necessities Warming Aromatherapy Neck Wrap is available online for $29.95. Your investment is worth the benefit of ongoing relaxation whenever you need it! Spa Necessities also offers matching wraps and socks for your hands, feet, and back. Each is made with the same plush polar fleece, and offers extended benefits of overall wellness. Experience soothing comfort on a chilly or stressful day with the warmth and aromatherapy benefits of the Warming Aromatherapy Hand Mitt ($29.95), Warming Aromatherapy Foot Wrap($29.95), a full-body Aromatherapy Back/Shoulder Wrap ($49.95), or even a set of Warming Aromatherapy Eye Compresses ($19.95).

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