Buying Guide to Air Purifier and Filtration Systems

If anyone in your household suffers from allergies, breathing problems, or is prone to dust-related concerns, you may be in need of an air purifier. Home air purification systems are best used when they are placed in different locations throughout the home, and can greatly help you maintain a clean and dust-free area. Airborne illnesses, dust mites, and other allergy-causing bacteria can settle and float through unclean air. Many people with dust allergies will be much more healthy, and comfortable, with the help of an air purifier system installed in at home.

Dust is considered a pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the more people there are in your household, the more likely that the dust is contaminated. From poor ventilation, spores, smoke, and other particles common in every home, only an air purifier can help you clean the air effectively. These air purifier systems can range in size from small, tabletop styles, to large, furnace types.

Your selection of air purifier will depend on what type of heating system you have in your home currently. If you have a central air system, you will need a unit that attaches onto the main furnace; this will help to eliminate dust and dander from the start, only pushing out fresh air into your ventilation system. If you have a standard furnace with no central air vents, you can use a simple tabletop style. This will essentially circulate the air throughout the house, but dust and spores already in the air may contribute to a larger problem.

Mechanical filtration can be accomplished with a system that Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½pulls’ air into it, strains, then pushes out fresh air. An ionizer is your best option here, as it will not simply circulate odors and dust continuously! Ionizers can remove very fine particles from the air, and neutralize smoke, odors, and even viruses. However, they do not kill germs or remove odors completely.

Today’s Hepa air filtration systems focus on a 99.97% clean air Ã?¯Ã?¿Ã?½effectiveness’ rate, helping to maintain a well-balanced and efficient fresh air system. Hepa air filters will help you remove dust, pollen, and bacteria but will not help with cigarette smoke, fumes, or other chemicals. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends Hepa air filtration, as it was used during the second World War to remove radioactive dust.

A top choice for the Hepa Filter air purifier is the Multi-Tech Multiple Technologies XJ-3000C. This model reportedly offers all six air filtration technologies in one system. The XJ-3000C contains a Hepa filter, Germicidal UV Lamp, activated carbon filter, ionizer, programmable sanitizer, and anti-bacterial pre-filter. It is exceptionally quiet, and us priced under $200. Particle removal tests show that its ranges full between 97-99.5%, and the model is comparable to the Ionic Breeze, and Oreck XL. The benefit of having all six systems in one helps to make this brand and model a top choice for air purifiers. The Germicidal UV Lamp helps to destroy viruses and fungus, while the sanitizer will help with odor reduction and elimination.

Other competing brands include the Bionaire PERMAtech Hepa Tower Air Purifier with Ionizer, and the Holmes 99.97% Hepa Air Purifer. Both are priced under $150, and are best suited for small rooms and offices. The Bionaire model is especially quiet and has a remote control, while the Holmes Hepa Air Purifier is compact, efficient, and easy to maintain. These two models do not offer the germicidal uv lamp, or sanitizer but can still clean out and maintain the air effectively.

If you don’t have the ability to use a central air-controlled system, you will need more than one air purification system in your house. Ideally, you can place one for each floor. The more air purifiers in any given area, the better, as these will maximize your fresh air output. Dust and allergens can be effectively controlled by installing multiple systems, and you do need an effective way to eliminate and destroy fungus and odors. Remember that the more sensitive you are, the more likely it is you will benefit from a high-powered air filtration system. Air purifiers offer some great advantages for better breathing, and can help maintain a healthy living space.

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