Buying Guide to Dell Laptop Computers

Ask any student entering or continuing their college education and they’ll tell you- a laptop is a must. Dell laptop computers come in a variety of sizes and you can build one with the exact details that you want- from a simple CD/DVD player to the new Dual-core Centrino by Intel.

What should you look for in a Dell laptop computer? You should choose a computer that does what you need it to do. Will you be using a lot of graphics or will you be using a word processor the Internet most of the time? Perhaps you’ll be preparing a lot of PowerPoint presentations or organizing a lot of photographs for a class. If graphics and music will be your primary need you will need a computer with a lot of memory as well as a great graphics card and sound card. People that need a computer that will be used primarily for writing or accessing the Internet will still need the best graphics card they can get but they can get by with a little less memory.

Dell has several lines of laptop computers that will serve anyone’s needs. A favorite Dell laptop computer for commuters that write is the Dell Latitude. The screens come in several sizes with the smallest at just 12 inches. They also are lightweight and weigh in at just under four pounds. The Student Monitor and Computing and the Internet have voted the Dell Inspiron as the “Students’ Favorite PC” for the fifth year in a row. Use a Windows XP operating system and add the Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 and or Microsoft Office Professional 2000 and you’ll be ready for anything work or school throws your way. Currently these are being offered for $699.

If you are a technology junkie, consider the Dell XPS notebook. These notebooks feature the Windows XP Media Center Edition (2005 operating system), which allows you to hook up everything but the kitchen sink to your computer. Connect your television and all your favorite computer peripherals to your Dell laptop computer and enjoy the command center at your fingertips. Add on the Plus! Superpack to your operating system and you add on even more functionality to your media center. Some of the Plus! features include a personal DJ and Voice Command for your media player. The high definition screen on this computer uses TrueLife for sharper images. The XPS systems all come with MediaDirect, which gives you instant-on functionality. XPS notebooks vary widely in price depending on how many options you request. Prices range from $1200 to $4,000.

All work and no play? Consider owning the XPS M1710 with Pentium Extreme inside. This notebook comes in special edition Formula Red or metallic Black so it looks as cool outside as it performs on the inside. This model comes with 80GB hard drive, a CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW), a 256MB DDR NVIDIA “GeForce” Go 7900 GS and an integrated Sound Blaster “Audigy with Advanced HD Audio. This notebook has a 17-inch widescreen display that features TrueLife for crisp images- just perfect for any gamer. The price for this model is $2815.

After you’ve found the perfect Dell laptop computer, don’t forget to add on the goodies. If you need to access the Internet on the go, make sure you add an internal wireless connection. Dell also has everything for photo enthusiasts from their All-in-One printer 944, which works with Canon DVD camcorders and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT SLR digital cameras. Add Lo/Jack for laptops and you’ll be worry free while you’re on the go. Finally, don’t forget to buy a quality hard case for your laptop. A hard drive can be destroyed easily from being hit, dropped or even by having too much pressure applied to the keyboard. Invest in a quality case to protect your investment as well as any hard work you have saved on your hard drive.

Visit Dell on their website for more great deals at or shop by calling 1-888-476-8041.

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