Buying Guide to Designer Jeans

The days of spending under $50 on jeans are over my friend, we’re full force into the triple digits. Laughing because you’re spending below that? Well smarty pants, your pants could use a makeover ’cause you’re spending more on a full tank of gas.

Pros and Cons What’s so great about designer denim, anyway? Besides the satisfaction of strangers realizing you spend over $200 on your jeans? In all seriousness though, you’ll get a sturdier product made of the best quality fabrics. Though it may be hard for you to spend so much on one thing, we guarantee you won’t need to buy another pair unless you change sizes or just want another style (which is inevitable). Think about all the jeans you buy each year. Now, add the prices together and you probably have over the cost of one pair of designer jeans. Also, if you struggle with finding jeans that fit, designer is most defiantly the way to go. Almost magically, they seem to flatter anyone. The hefty price tag is really the only setback, be prepared to spend upwards of $150.

Where to Buy Most high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus should carry the following brands. In addition, you should have luck with privately owned boutiques; they usually offer the best deal. Once you find a brand you like, visit their website to find a store in your city. If you still strike out, online retailers may be your best bet. Websites like and offer huge selections in a variety of washes, styles, and sizes.

Still a little overwhelmed? To ease the chaos your first shopping trip, watch for the following brands. In addition, pay attention to our fit suggestions for your body type.


A general favorite among celebrities, these are now showing up on high school and college girls everywhere. Their signature “A” Pocket and curve hugging fit is easy to spot and even easier on the eyes. Not only flattering on everyone, but these jeans are comfortable, too!

If you’re short: Try Dojo in New York Dark. The wide legged flare will lengthen your legs and flatter your toosh. $132

If you’re tall: Try Jagger in New York Dark. The slim cut will highlight your curves and the dark wash will minimize the length of your legs. $165

If you’re curve-less: Try “A” Pocket in Medium NY Extreme Earth. The slim fit and blended wash will give you the booty you’ve always wanted. $235

If you’re curvy: Try “A” Pocket in Havana. These 100% cotton jeans will perfectly hug your curves and leave you without the annoying gap in the waste band. $198


Another popular brand, these are tailor made for the girl who’s looking for a new “favorite” pair of jeans. Not only comfortable-especially for women with curves, Citizens won’t deny you a designer look and always boost the newest trends.

If you’re short: Try Faye Wide Leg in Mykonos. This trouser leg is both slimming and lengthening. Need we say more? $183

If you’re tall: Try Ava Stretch Skinny in Dark Madrid. The slim fit and dark wash will balance out your long legs to proportion the rest of your bod. $146

If you’re curve-less: Try Tallulah in Sao Paulo. The light wash, detailed pockets, and flare leg will accentuate your hips, giving you a stronger hourglass shape. $189

If you’re curvy: Try Dunaway Wide Leg in Rivera. Combining a sexy wide leg with a dark wash, these jeans are sure to turn some heads. $176


If you’re all about embellishments, elaborate stitching, and a sexy fit, these jeans are for you. Known for their flap pockets and red stitching, True Religions are a favorite of Jessica Simpson, Angelina Jolie, and probably you.

If you’re short: Try Jennifer Big T in Easy Rider. Try them on and it’s like you’ve been wearing them for years. $239

If you’re tall: Try Joey Big T in Dark Urban Cowboy. The tight fit will embrace your log legs and lift your booty to where it should be. $261

If you’re curve-less: Try Sammy Big T in Easy Rider. The super low rise fit, detailed pockets, and light wash will curve you right up. $239

If you’re curvy: Try Joey Rigid in Rinse. Made of 100% cotton, these ultra flattering bootcut jeans are sure to be a favorite. $171


Frequently seen on lightweights Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie, these uber chic jeans are popular among fans of infamous 80’s trends. If you’ve been dying for a pair of the perfect pencil leg jeans, J Brand is for you. Sophisticated and cool, these are essential for any woman’s fall collection.

If you’re short: Try Midrise 16″ Straight Leg in Dark Vintage. The higher rise and snug fit will lengthen your legs while accentuating them. $158

If you’re tall: Try Cropped Jean in Ink. This slinky style will hit you right above the ankles and let you show off your new wedges. $158

If you’re curve-less: Try Ankle Skinny in Ink. The stretch will tightly hug your body and give you a voluptuous shape. $15

If you’re curvy: Try Midrise 18″ Boot Cut in Ink. The higher rise, dark wash, and simple pockets will lengthen your legs and minimize your derriere. $159

Other high-end brands we suggest:

Paige. Classic washes mixed with classic cuts. A favorite of Jennifer Aniston.
Rock & Republic. Trendy styles that flatter a curvy wild child.
Hudson. Declared favorite of Faith Hill on Oprah, these jeans will have you singing.
Taverniti So. If you like True Religion, you’ll love Taverniti’s frills and funky pockets.

Remember that the designers above only reflect a small fraction of what’s out there. These privately owned denim companies are a booming business right now, so don’t be afraid to try on a brand you’ve never heard of before. Still struggling with whether or not you’ll let yourself spend so much on a pair of pants? You shouldn’t be; jeans are an investment. You wear them a lot, and you want something that that will last you season to season. To ensure you won’t tire of a particular style, make your first buy a simple bootcut in a wash that will easily take you from autumn to spring. We must warn you and your checkbook, however, once you go designer, you probably won’t go back.

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