Buying Guide to Heavy Punching Bags

In recent years, cardio- kickboxing has become a workout of choice. Here’s the thing though- why punch the air when you can hit something for real? Hitting a heavy punching bag is a great way to release tension and get in shape. However, purchasing a heavy bag can be confusing, especially for the novice consumer, unless you know the following.

Features/ Some Popular Heavy Bag Options For Adult Users

Keep in mind that the prices in the section refer to new equipment. Used prices would obviously be lower. In addition, this article is on bags appropriate for home use (not professional/ commercial heavy bags or equipment). Never start an exercise regimen without speaking to your doctor.

Standard Heavy Bag- We’ve all seen this kind of heavy bag hanging from a ceiling in someone’s downstairs. These are the kind of bags, often made of vinyl, that have been around for years.

Positives- By themselves, they’re very inexpensive. Also, they’re durable and if they can be attached to a ceiling in a garage or home, you don’t have to worry about significant movement when you hit them (in other words, they won’t skid around the room every time you strike them).

Negatives- If you’ve ever attached a heavy bag to a structure in your home and hit it, you know that it tends to shake the house and makes a lot of noise (so try the garage if you have one). In addition, most standard heavy bags don’t allow you to practice low kicks effectively.

Since most homes don’t allow these bags to be attached to them due to the noise and shaking associated with it, heavy bag stands often need to be purchased. Unfortunately, the combined price of a stand and bag pretty much eliminates the lower price associated with standard heavy bags. In addition, weights are needed for most heavy bag stands (if you don’t have any heavy weights, you’ll need to purchase them). The weights help to keep the stand in place when you hit the bag, but if you hit hard enough, even with this precaution, the stand may move a bit with each strike.

Standing Bags- This kind of bag is attached to a base that can be filled with sand or water. When filled, they often weight in the mid to high 200’s (if you’re looking for an adult’s version of a heavy standing bag that is).

Positives- First, these take up far less space than heavy bag stands (if you have a garage or home where you can attach a standard bag to a ceiling, than this isn’t the case). In addition, standing bags allow you to practice low kicks (particularly those standing bags that cover space all the way to the base). The lower priced versions of these sometimes cost less than a standard heavy bag and stand.

Negatives- If you hit them hard, standing bags move more than standard bags attached to a stand- it’s just that simple. Therefore, you may have to take the time to stop and move the bag back to an appropriate spot during your workouts. Also, these bags oftentimes fall short of allowing you to punch tall targets (over 6 ft.). The more expensive adult versions of these- those where the bag goes all the way down to the base- often cost in the high 200’s, thereby eclipsing many standard heavy bags plus stand in price.

Standing Torso Bags- These are the same as standing bags except for one important point- you get to punch and kick a person! These have a face and upper body attached to the stand for you to strike, and sometimes even hips and a groin area.

Positives- Those without a groin area to strike tend to cost close to the same amount as the more expensive regular standing bags (those with a striking surface that reaches the base). These are great if you’re a practicing martial artist or boxer who wants to work on pinpoint accuracy with your strikes. In addition, these take up less space than heavy bags with a stand.

Negatives- Same as with the standing bags with the exception of expense. General torso bags tend to cost as much as the more expensive regular standing bags, but those that have a groin area tend to cost more (in the low 300’s).

Buying Advice

First, you can always try Ebay ( You may even be able to get a used heavy bag for a great deal there. Or try your local newspaper classified section if used equipment is okay with you. However, make sure that there are no rips in the bag when purchasing used equipment.

You can also try Amazon ( Here you can find standard bags, heavy bag stands (consider Everlast), and standing bags. However, when buying a standing bag at Amazon or anywhere else, make sure that you’re getting what you want. Some standing bags are much cheaper than what was discussed in this article, but they’re also much lighter. These low priced standing bags are really for aerobic workouts or for kids. If that’s what you’re looking for, great! If not, stick to what’s written above or the bag will be skidding around your room with every strike or even worse tipping over.

Here are some other places to look for heavy bags-

Or just simply google what you’re interested in.

In Sum

Punching and kicking a heavy bag is a great way to release tension and stay in shape. There are several different types of heavy punching bags including standard heavy bags (where a heavy bag stand often has to be purchased), standing heavy bags, and torso bags. In short, if you want a great full body workout that gets rid of stress, a heavy punching bag is for you.

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