Buying Guide to Mattresses

Is you bed sagging so bad, you think you will fall into the middle to never emerge again? If so it may be time for a new mattress. Buying a new mattress is one of the decisions that require more thought than most normal purchases. These are some things to consider when making your purchase.

First determine what size of bed you need and or would like. For a person sleeping alone a twin or double sometimes called a full sized mattress it often a popular choice. Most twin sized mattresses measure in at 39″x75″ and full sized mattresses are usually 54″x75″. If you like a bigger mattress or are sharing a bed the next size up would be a queen. Queen mattresses are typically 60″x80″ and are pretty easy to find on sale, most stores use this size as a model. If you really like to stretch out your whole body or like having your own special space in the bed then a king sized mattress may be perfect for you. King sized mattresses are nice and big and usually somewhere around 76″x80″. This is my personal favorite, as my husband and I are bigger people and this bed fits us both perfectly and we have plenty of room.

The next thing to consider is the box springs, it is a common fallacy that box springs don’t matter. The fact is quality box springs matter just as much as the mattress itself. The box springs may not feel like much of a difference at first, but they are doing their job and helping to support the mattress and to extend the life of your mattress. Since most matresses are sold in sets these are often included in the price you pay.

The construction of the mattress is another important issue to look at. The insides of the mattress can make all the difference in a good nights sleep and tossing and turning. The metal coils in the mattress can vary greatly in amount and strength. A common saying is the more coils the more support, this is true to a point. It is the thickness of the coils that it most important. When looking for a good mattress ask about the gauge of the coils and make sure it somewhat corresponds to the number of coils to insure a good nights sleep.

Next you have to decide on what your’e looking for in terms of comfort. There are lots of choices and options and this is a purely personal prefrence. There are 3 types that are widely available the first is the innerspring mattress, this is the mattress with the coils in it. It is a popular choice and widely available. It comes in many varities with several options such as pillowtops, layers of foam and some even have a extra layer of cushion on the bottom.

The next mattress gaining popularity is the foam mattress. This mattress has a inside core of latex foam instead of springs. It is often durable and tends to be a nice firm bed. A friend of mine recently purchased a foam mattress and says “it is the best bed he has ever had and will never switch back”.

The next is the airbed. These mattress are quickly becoming popular as they offer users the option to change their firmness level with the touch of a button. The beds are often constructed with individual air chambers underneath a foam layer. These beds are sturdy and durable and unless you take a knife and purposely puncture it should hold up to kids and pets.

The best piece of advice I can give is just to go mattress shopping and lie down on the bed and find one that meets your needs. Most every store that sells mattressess have ongoing sales and specials. Have a good nights sleep.

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