Buying Guide to Mongoose Bikes

Mongoose is a renowned bicycle company that was founded by its owners in a Southern California garage. They are known for producing daringly innovative, cutting edge, and exciting BMX bikes, mountain bikes, and pavement bikes. They have an incredible selection of bikes to choose from, and many interesting features to consider. Understanding what the parts and accessories are for can be confusing, so here is a guide to basic bicycle parts and accessories that you will come across when you are looking at Mongoose bikes.


The frame is the skeleton of the bike, and it is comprised of two sections. The front section of the frame generally consists of the top tube, the seat tube, the head tube, and the down tube, and this section is responsible for supporting the saddle, the bottom bracket, the headset, and the front fork. The rear section of the frame generally consists of the seat stays and the chain stays. Mongoose frames are mostly made of alloy which makes them durable for jumping and rough riding.


The purpose of the front fork is to support the front wheel, and the rear fork is responsible for supporting the rear wheel. Mongoose forks have fluid-flow damping, making your side smooth, like the shocks in a car.


The “set” that a crank set refers to includes, at least, the chain wheels and the stack bolts. Many Mongoose models offer high-quality alloy arms with steel and alloy rings. Also, some models come equipped with a bash guard to prevent breakage – an especially valuable feature for hardcore mountain bikers.


The pedals are the part of the bike that your feet go onto. The pedals are threaded so that the right pedal has a normal thread, while the left pedal has a reverse thread. If you are going to be riding on rough trails or in rocky areas, or if you intend to race, you should get a pair of pedals with straps. Straps will give you optimal control and they can prevent slipping. Mongoose pedals feature the company logo, and they are most commonly constructed of alloy.


A derailleur is the mechanism on a multi-speed bike that aids in switching gears. It does so by moving the chain from one sprocket to another. All of Mongoose’s bikes are multi-speed, so this company knows how to create high-quality derailleur mechanisms. Switching gears easily is critical to multi-speed bikes, and Mongoose bikes offer a very fluid motion in shifting gears.


The shifter is the control mechanism for the derailleur. Mongoose uses Shimano shifters, and Shimano is the hands-down leader of the bicycle parts industry. Mongoose utilizes Shimano products in the manufacturing of many of their bike’s parts and accessories. They have up to nine speed shifters, so you will be equipped for all terrain.


Chains are used to connect the cranks to the rear wheel. Mongoose chains, many of which are from a reputable company called KMC Chain Industrial, boast that they aid in giving riders fast, swift shifting control. The chains are especially formulated to work seamlessly with the shifter and derailleur, a very important factor to look at when purchasing a multi-speed bike.


Rims are the part of the wheel that makes up the outer metal hoop, and they come in an array of styles. Just like on automobiles, bike rims help to distinguish the beginners from the pros, depending on the cost and quality. Mongoose rims come in a range of styles and prices, and many models are equipped with alloy rims. They are durable and guaranteed to be safe in a range of climates and conditions. Of course, the rims are important to the aesthetics of your bike riding, but with Mongoose, you have great looks and reliability all in one.


Understandably, tires are one of the most important components of a bike. Low-quality tires could mean lots of bumps and bruises for the hardcore BMX biker. Mongoose prides itself on supplying impeccable tires to their customers. Talk to the bike dealer about where you will be riding and how experienced you are so that you are fitted with the right tires.


Good brakes are obviously essential. Many of Mongoose’s bikes feature brakes from a company called Avid. Avid is one of the leading bike brake designers in the industry. Mongoose brakes will give you the flexibility to easily stop and start while you are riding, making it easy to hug sharp curves and handy rocky and bumpy off-road conditions.

Some of the accessories that Mongoose offers are grips for handlebars, pumps for tires, and tool kits for bike and tire repair. Mongoose also sells other products, including protective gear, clothing, electric scooters, skate boards, and skate boarding gear.

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