Buying Guide to the Polaroid I532 Digital Camera

Polaroid’s i532 digital camera has features that cameras that are more expensive try to offer: Multiple Flash Modes, larger LCD Display, Video Capabilities and Auto Exposure/Auto Focus, along with a whole slew of great and unexpected features!

The Polaroid i532 is a great size for tucking into a purse or backpack. It is compact enough, light enough, and so easy to use! This amazing little digital genius has an extra large LCD display, at 2.4″, it makes viewing and editing your photos right on the camera so smooth and easy, you will wonder where this camera has been all your life.

All function keys are easy to operate, not like some less expensive digital cameras that have keys so small only a child with tiny fingers can work them. The menu display on the LCD screen is simple, practically guiding you through the i532’s operation systematically.

With nearly unique features such as Document Mode and a big 32MB Internal Memory, as well as the 1 Gigabyte SD (Secure Digital) card you can purchase separately for very little money, and a bunch of Flash Modes, this camera is top of the line for an inexpensive, user-friendly digital camera.

Setting the camera on Document Mode, you can photograph receipts, business cards, even parking tickets. I have found this especially handy in my mystery shopping business! I can do a purchase and return shop without having to run home, scan the purchase receipt and then, run back to the store to do the return portion of the assignment. Saves time and gas, what a deal!

The wide array of Flash Modes helps to make it nearly impossible to ‘screw up’ a photograph. I’ve noticed that the Auto Flash Mode is extremely sensitive and adjusts quite well to almost any lighting situation, but if you want more control, use the Flash Off mode, the Red Eye Reduction mode, or the Fill Flash mode for those darker background, lighter foreground photos. Experimenting with different settings will produce your own personal preferences.

The Polaroid i532 digital camera has an unexpected 3X Optical Zoom in addition to the more standard 4X Digital Zoom, for a 12X total Zoom Capacity! The camera produces excellent quality Close Ups (Macro) shots. Think aphids on a rose petal!

This 5 MP (megapixel) camera is great for emailing photos, printing on the spot (because of its PictBridge capabilities) and for working up your very own photo album shows of ‘The Perfect Honeymoon’. I use the Canon i90 for portability and the high quality of the prints. This terrific little printer can even be operated solely on battery power! Speaking of honeymoons, this great camera has video capabilities unsurpassed by similarly priced digital cameras! Digital video formats include MPEG-4, AVI and WAV and the camera has darned good sound to boot!

One feature I especially enjoy is the Polaroid i532’s functionality and speed of getting my photos to my printer or onto the web. PictBridge technology built-in means that you don’t even need a computer to enjoy your picture! Just plug the camera directly into your printer, using the included USB PictBridge cord, and you can print those precious photos right on the spot!

I researched digital cameras for several weeks before choosing the Polaroid i532 digital camera. I reviewed features, made a list of what I needed from a digital camera, thought about the types of photos I wanted to take, and wrote down the things I didn’t like about the camera I already had and wanted to replace. The camera was easy to find, just by searching a bit on shopping sites, and Wal-Mart had the best price and the most accessories available, not to mention Wal-Mart is a half-mile from my house. I could probably have even gotten it cheaper online, but I am a “gotta have it now kinda girl”, so hotfooting it down to Wal-Mart worked for me. Comparing prices for yourself and knowing your own photographic style is important, so take your time and make the right choice for your needs – and your budget.

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