Buying a Home Security System: What You Will Need

Crime rates are on the rise in the U. S., and many of them do not just include home burglary, but vicious attacks on people inside their own homes. Some are attacked because they have surprised a burglar, or from drug or alcohol induced rages from the burglar. However, there are a lot of other reasons that you will need to get a complete package for home security, fire and carbon monoxide poisoning have taken a lot of lives too, and it could have been avoided. Find out what you will need in your home security package, and you will never regret that you have purchased your protection. If you are going to purchase a home security system for your house, make sure that you get all that you will need, for complete security!

If my neighbors had only taken better care to make sure that their home was well protected from a break-in by a burglar, he would have not lost his DVD machine, his grandfather’s ring, and a toll box full of high end tools. The burglary was not a dime store break-in. Their home insurance won’t go down, but if they had installed a home security unit, it could have saved them, not only from the burglary, but money every month on the home insurance policy they had taken out. I too had been burglarized on two separate occasions within one year. Do not let this happen to you, know what to get in your home security unit before you go shopping.

Here are the protections that you will need to get:

• Burglar alarm. Make sure to be prepared with glass and door sensors. Glass-break technology installed on your windows will sound an alarm when it’s broken or tampered with. For you entry doors, install sensors that can be professionally mounted into your doors that will alert you should anyone try to open them.
• Timer for lights. Lights, those are preprogrammed to go on and off with a switch are known to keep a lot of burglaries at bay. Burglars hate light, so include this when you purchase a package of services offered through a home security system company.
• Hostage panic button. Most security systems have an alert button to push when a break-in happens, but if you are in the very bad situation of being held hostage, there’s a remedy. A special code can be entered for a no-call-back to verify the burglary, and that you are being held against your will. The police department will be dispatched immediately to your home.

Here are a few more reasons to have a security unit installed:

• Smoke detectors. Your smoke detector will be monitored 24 hours per day and seven days a week. If you are home or away, it will protect you against arson and the accidental home fire by contacting the fire department. You might not loose everything if you will go ahead and invest in this service.
• Carbon monoxide gas. As with your smoke detector, your home will be monitored continually, and you will have the added advantage of knowing you are protected against this un-seen threat from leaks from build up in lines, that can come from your fireplace or garage, while you are asleep or away. Carbon Monoxide is deadly and can strike at any time.

Wireless technology is not new in the home security market; in fact most companies today carry only wireless units and service them. Make sure to inquire about the benefits of wireless for your home and loved ones. If you already have an older version of a home security unit, upgrade to one that is new. It is important that you do because many of the older security systems can be easily by passed. For example, many of the older ones have nothing but wires suctioned on the windows that can be easily removed, or the wires cut!

Here a few resources for finding a top home unit and team to install your system:

On a ratings and review for your home security look online at
-You can find what the 8 top rated companies are, and what their service includes.

There are reliable name brand companies that advertise on the web too such as:

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