Buying an Open Floor Plan Home: The Disadvantages

Open floor plan homes seem to be the latest house craze. Wide open spaces, fewer doors and beautifully shaped archways leading from one room to the next. But are open floor plan homes really so special? What are some of the disadvantages of buying a home that has an open floor plan?

The Disadvantages of Buying an Open Floor Plan Home: Lack of Privacy

One of the greatest disadvantages of buying an open floor plan home is that there is not as much privacy as there is with homes that have more doors. But this is not immediately noticeable to new homeowners when they attend the walk through and admire the difference in floor plan. As the new homeowner focuses on the open spaces and “potential” that the home has, it is very easy to overlook the fact that there is no door separating the master bathroom from the master bedroom. While this will make the two rooms look more spacious and inviting, think of what it will be like for couples who have completely different schedules and have to get up and shower or bathe at different times. Not only is there less privacy while getting ready for work in the morning, but the noise from the running water will disturb the spouse who is still in bed.

It’s not as if the homeowners can then call the builders and ask for a new door to be installed for free here and there as an afterthought. Once they have signed to say that they have accepted the home in the condition that they found it in, they will have to pay for doors to be installed.

The Disadvantages of Buying an Open Floor Plan Home: Pets!

Pet owners will quickly learn that they will not find it easy to confine their pets to certain rooms if their new home has an open floor plan. Of course, some rooms will have doors, such as bedrooms, but what about the kitchen, living room and den? It is not possible to completely prevent pets from jumping up on kitchen counters or sleeping on the brand new three piece suite unless there are doors that separate each room in the home.

The Disadvantages of Buying an Open Floor Plan Home: Heating

In the wintertime, it can be difficult to heat a home when there is an open floor plan. Closed doors are more effective at trapping heat and can make a room feel more snug and warm. But an open floor plan home can create a vacuum of cold air that circulates, making it harder to heat a home.

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