Cabinet Rescue Came to My Rescue

I shopped around for new kitchen cabinets for a while a then decided that there was really nothing physically wrong with my cabinets, I was just bored with the look. So, rather then going through the nightmare of demolitian, construction, temporarily having no working kitchen and the expense, I decided it would be much easier to paint my cabinets. While I was looking for a good primer and paint for kitchen cabinets I came across a product called Cabinet Rescue. Cabinet Rescue is a waterborne acrylic enamel that gives you a melamine laminate finish in white and it looks like a factory finish if you apply it right. Don’t skip steps to get the job done quicker because it will give you a poor result. The reason I originally chose Cabinet Rescue was because I didn’t want to have 2 steps (prime and paint) I just wanted to paint. I bought it at Home Depot for around $15-$16 (31 fl. oz./916ml) and I bought 3 cans because they recommend at least 2 coats (I chose to do 4 coats and had a can to spare), a litle goes long way.

Here’s my advice on getting a great result. First, you need to number all the cabinets and drawers with a little piece of paper and tape, then draw a matching diagram. This will make your life so much easier when it comes time to put your cabinets back in there place (they will all look the same). Make sure you clean you cabinets with something strong eough to remove all grease and not leave any residue. Then sand them lightly and wipe them clean again with a cheescloth or lint free cloth. Now, remove the cabinets and all the hardware on them and wipe them clean again. Another great addition to your new look are new hinges and knobs. I found some great deals on beautiful hardware on at a store called My Home Hardware. I used a small foam roller and paint tray and apllied 4 coats of paint allowing at least 2 hours of dry time between coats. I think I painted 3 coats on one day and did the 4th the next day and let them dry for another day before I put them back up with the new stainless hinges and knobs. You’ll be amazed at what this product can do for old dingy cabinets…they look brand new and have a finish that doesn’t look like paint, it looks like a factory finish. Currently the product only comes in white which is what I chose, but you can add any pastel or light colored tint to acheive the color of your choice. This product saved me so much time and money and gave me a brand new look. It seems to be holding up very well and wipes clean with a gentle cleaner. I kept the extra container just in case I have to do any touchups and I’d recommend you do the same. This product should work great in the bathroom as well. I think that’ll be my next project and I’ll let you know how it goes.

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