Calvin Klein: A Fashion Talent Native to New York

Calvin Klein is yet another fashion talent native to state of New York. Born in November of 1942 in the Bronx, Calvin Klein began his foray into the fashion industry with his training at the New York Institute of Technology.

After completing his schooling at the Technology Institute, Calvin Klein worked for a time as an assistant to Dan Millstein before branching out on his own to become an independent designer. It was during this time that Klein married his first wife Jayne Centre and the pair had one daughter during their marriage.

Calvin Klein Incorporated came about in 1968 with the help of friend Barry Schwartz. Schwartz took care of everything on the business side of running the Calvin Klein label while Klein took care of every creative and design aspect. Initially the Calvin Klein label was started to produce a line of coats for women but a huge order from a retailer soon brought a huge amount of recognition in the fashion world.

A sports wear collection soon found its way to the racks in the 1970’s along with a hugely popular ready to wear women’s clothing line. Additionally at this time in the companies life Calvin Klein started a revolution of sorts with his collection of jeans. Jeans bearing the Calvin Klein label were quickly known as the original designer jeans and were heavily promoted in an ad campaign using then model Brooke Shields.

Also considered quite revolutionary is Klein’s 1982 men’s underwear collection as they were marketed more for desirability then functionality. The decade of the 70’s and 80’s where witnesses to the launch of several Calvin Klein inspired fragrances including “Obsession”.

Calvin Klein’s underwear line was further promoted in the 1990’s with a few somewhat racy ads of models in intimate poses. Soon to be big names such as Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg were among the models used in the ad campaign.

Today the Calvin Klein name is a multi-million dollar business producing not only great fashion but fragrances and products for the home as well.

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