Camping Product Review: UniFlame Outdoor LP Gas Barbecue Grill

The UniFlame Outdoor LP Gas Barbecue Grill is a nice addition to camper’s collection. This grill can be easily transported and set up on a picnic table for a quick picnic lunch. It does not take up much space, but can easily cook six hamburgers at a time. This grill also has a warming rack. Because it takes LP gas, it does not require charcoal, lighter fluid, or lava rocks.


The UniFlame outdoor grill does require some assembly. The lid, handles, legs, burner, warming rack and cooking grid will all have to assembled or screwed into place. The instructions are clearly written and include large pictures to help with the assembly process.

Propane tanks

The grill will require a one pound, 7-3/8″ high disposable propane gas tank. These tanks are easy to find. Sporting goods stores or department stores generally carry these tanks. We usually buy the tanks in multi-packs so we do not run out of tanks while we are away on a camping trip. Each tank has an approximate cooking time of two hours.


The grill is easy to light. The control knob will need to be set to high then the ignitor button repeatedly pushed until the grill is lit. We did have trouble once getting the grill lit with the ignitor switch. At this point the grill may also be lit with a match if the ignitor switch does not work.


The nicest thing about the UniFlame outdoor grill is that the food can now be cooked. There is no need to wait for the grill to warm up or the charcoal to reach a ready point. The food can be cooked at high, medium, or low flame. If some of the food is completely cooked while other items are still grilling, the warming rack will keep items warm yet farther away from the flame.

The messy news

One downside of the outdoor grill is that is leaves a mess under the grill if the food items being cooked are very greasy. Be prepared to have a grease puddle on the table or cooking surface when the cooking is complete. We have also found it necessary to transport the grill in a garbage bag to prevent a greasy mess from getting in the vehicle.

Our family does a lot of camping. We use our UniFlame outdoor LP gas barbecue grill at our campsite almost every day. We also take our grill with us to use at roadside picnic areas on days we are away from our campsite. It saves us a lot of money on eating out and it is very easy to use. It does a wonderful job of grilling meals for our family.

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