Camping in the Yosemite Valley

Many people who decide to visit Yosemite are adventurous spirits seeking to enjoy the natural beauty that Yosemite offers. Those who love the idea of being outdoors will find excellent campsites for extended trips, and there are overnight trips available to those that want to venture further into
Yosemite’s wilderness.

Many of the camps are only open for the warmer months, such as late spring through summer. There are both spaces to set up tents and special areas with �tent cabins.’ Tent cabins usually consist of a concrete floors and walls, canvas top, bunk beds, and sometimes, double-beds. Bed linen isn’t usually available, but you can rent it for a small fee that you are charged per night.

Camps in the Yosemite Valley area that are ideal for all travelers are camps like White Wolf, the High Sierra Camps, Tuolumne Meadows, and Housekeeping Camp. These are all great places to check out if you’re looking for a more interesting time in Yosemite.

White Wolf Camp
Another major camp that is a great is the White Wolf in Yosemite. Named for the rare white wolf who once roamed there, White Wolf camp is as lovely as its name. White Wolf is open from July through September and offers 24 tent cabins and 4 cabins with private bath. The tent cabins are wood frame on a raised wooden platform. They include linen, beds, and a wood stove. Some of the cabins have baths, and others don’t. The cabins that do are usually a little extra.

High Sierra Camps
The High Sierra Camps are a series of five �villages’ of tent cabins. They are located in
Yosemite’s backcountry, and the majority of the cabins house four people and are co-ed. Some of the most popular camps, they are usually visited by those on hiking or horseback tours. Each camp is a day’s hike apart, and there are a few lodges that include hot showers and dinner and breakfast with the package; you’ve still got to bring your own towel. Since Demand for the High Sierra Camps is so high, reservations are doled out in a type of lottery held from about mid October through the end of November. Winners are typically assigned their places by the end of March.

Tuolumne Meadows
Tuolumne Meadows is another camp, but is open a little later than the others, from mid-July through the end of September. They are smaller, offering just 69 �tent’ cabins. These cabins come with a central bathing area and have concrete floors, wooden frames, and canvas walls. They come with linen, candles, bunk beds and a wood stove.

Housekeeping Camp
Housekeeping Camp is a typical Yosemite camp that offers 266 �tent’ cabins that are great for visitors looking for reasonable lodging that is rustic, yet comfortable. The �tents’ have a concrete floor and walls, a top of canvas, and usually stacked bunk beds. Occasionally they might have a double bed. Bed sheets are available for rental; you can save yourself some cash and bring your own. Housekeeping camp is only open during the summer months.

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