Can I Wash and Dry My Down Comforter?

Down comforters can be quite expensive, so when it’s time to clean and dry down comforters, it’s important to clean and dry them properly. Down comforters that are lumpy and as heavy as a bag of rocks probably weren’t cleaned and dried properly. Take care of your down comforters by properly cleaning, drying, and protecting them, and your down comforters will last for many years.

Before Washing a Down Comforter

It’s important to check care labels and tags before placing a down comforter in a washing machine. Some manufacturers of down comforters provide strict instructions that insist down comforters should be dry cleaned and not washed in a washing machine. If a down comforter label says the item should be dry cleaned only, spend the extra money to have the comforter dry cleaned at a reputable dry-cleaning establishment. It’s worth the extra expense to have the down comforter cleaned properly rather than risk washing it in a washing machine.

If your down comforter isn’t excessively dirty, you may want to consider a home dry cleaning kit for dry cleaning your down comforter. These home dry cleaning products work in the dryer, and they are said to provide satisfactory results comparable to that of a professional dry cleaner. Read home dry cleaning product directions to determine if a home dry cleaning kit is right for your down comforter. When in doubt, don’t take a chance. Down comforters are expensive, so why not invest in proper cleaning? With proper care, a down comforter should only require dry cleaning once a year. This is a small price to pay for the luxury and warmth a down comforter provides.

Protecting a Down Comforter

Before using new down comforters or freshly cleaned down comforters, consider covering and protecting your down comforters with washable cloth covers. There are covers especially for protecting a down cover, but if you don’t want to pay for a down comforter cover, consider making your own. Simply choose two flat sheets in a color or pattern of your choice, and make a down comforter cover. Add a closure to the cover protector made from coordinating buttons, or consider attaching velcro closures. Use your imagination to make a down comforter protector that will look nice as well as protect your down comforter from body oils and grime. Your down comforter will require less washing, and the down comforter cover will be very easy to wash and dry.

Instructions for Machine Washing a Down Comforter

You can wash a down comforter in a washing machine, but instructions must be carefully followed in order to keep the down comforter in good shape. If your washing machine is not large enough to wash your down comforter without having to stuff it in, take your down comforter to a commercial washing establishment. Use an oversized washing machine so your down comforter will be washed without putting stress on the seams. When in doubt, ask the advice of professionals to find out if your down comforter can be washed in a washing machine.

Before washing a down comforter in a washing machine, it’s important to check for rips, tears, and openings in seams. Weak or ripped areas must be repaired before washing a down comforter in a washing machine. Otherwise, the weakened or ripped area can become worse, and you will lose down filling. Repair rips with a fine needle and color matching thread. Close open seams using a simple slip stitch. The repairs should be almost invisible.

Wash a down comforter by adding half the normal amount of mild detergent to the washer, set the washing machine on delicate, and put the water temperature on a warm setting. Allow the washing machine to agitate for a minute or two. After the water and mild detergent are thoroughly mixed, place the down comforter loosely into the washing machine. Place a pair of clean white tennis shoes, with laces removed, into the washing machine. The tennis shoes will help keep the down evenly distributed, and they will aid in the washing process. If your washing machine has an extra rinse setting, turn that setting to the on position, otherwise, run the rinse cycle one extra time before the final spin.

Dry the down comforter on the lowest setting along with a pair of clean white tennis shoes without laces. Periodically remove the down comforter from the dryer and work out any lumps of down. The entire drying process may take a few hours, but drying the down comforter slowly will keep the cover from becoming too hot, and results of washing and drying your down comforter will be outstanding.

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