Can Music Help Enhance Learning Ability?

For years researchers have been saying how important it is to introduce music to your child at an early age. But does music really help to enhance your child’s ability to learn? It is a proven fact that music has helped to educate students. For example some kindergarten teachers use musical rhymes to teach their children how to write, and how to learn the alphabet. The reason behind this is because it helps the child to retain the information better than without the rhymes or music.

But what about older children does it have the same affect on them. Have you ever taken the time to listen to how quickly a child picks up the lyrics from a song they like, or even how quickly they memorize the music that is played on their video games? Music helps a child’s memory in addition to other things. This is not to say that all educators should use musical one hundred percent of the time when educating their students. But there is nothing wrong with trying to combine the two.

Many educators have been able to prove over the years that those children who were taught using musical techniques score a lot higher than those who do not. This covers all subjects like reading, math, science, and even history. Many educators have also found that this is a link between a child’s musical development and their language skills development. According to one particular study this was the same for children of all ages. What teachers need to do is combine music with their everyday learning activates. This method has even worked for children with learning disability. For more information on studies that were performed in these areas you can take a look at the Journal of Music Therapy dated 1988.

As many educators know there are some children who have a very difficult time paying attention when a teacher is trying to instruct them. It could be because they have a very short attention span. Or possibly it could be the way that the information is being presented to them. If a child of any age finds that something is being presented to them in an unexciting way they will lose interest. But if you use music to get the information to them, they may find it a lot more interesting and a lot more exciting. For additional information on how to incorporate music into your lesson plans you can visit the following websites:,,,,

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