Can You Choose the Sex of Your Baby?

Can you determine the sex of your baby pre-conception? Dr. Landrum Shettles, developer of The Shettles Method, says you can certainly tip it in your favor. Although no one will say The Shettles Method is foolproof and completely reliable, Dr. Shettles claims a 75% success rate in his patients. Since the release of his book, How To Choose The Sex Of Your Baby, many people have claimed it has worked for them. Although others scoff at the idea, his methods are based around scientific truths. Question is, do you want a boy or a girl?

The sex of a child is determined by the male (alas, Henry XIII never new that), so we must look to the sperm in gender determination. There are two types of sperm: one carrying the X chromosome (female) and the other carrying the Y (male). It is fact that the Y sperm are smaller and faster than the X sperm. That may be why you are more likely to have a boy than a girl. However, the female sperm is reported to be hardier and can survive in the body longer than the male. Given that information, there are things you can do to help out whichever chromosome you are rooting for.

The Shettles Method mainly revolves around three things: timing, positioning, and vaginal pH. As far as timing is concerned, chart your ovulation and find your most fertile days. As female sperm lives longer in the body, you will want to have intercourse several days before you ovulate, giving the male sperm time to die out. If you want a boy, have intercourse on your most fertile days, as the male sperm swim faster. Positions for either gender are revolved around the same idea of fast and slow swimmers. The deeper the penetration, the more of a head start the male sperm get.

Vaginal pH can get a little more technical, so it is recommended that you read Dr. Shettles’ book before doing any adjustments. Shettles proposes that male sperm cannot survive in an acidic environment. As your pH tends to become alkaline around your most fertile days, it is even better for the male sperm during this time. Dr. Shettles has suggestions for helping to adjust your pH. This includes mixing homemade douches, so refer to the book if you are interested. They are very specifically measured out and can do more harm than good if not followed properly.

Surprisingly, The Shettles Method isn’t completely made up of wives’ tales. It really is based around scientific fact. Hopefully, you will be happy with either gender, but if it increases your chances either way, why not give it a shot? Many people have been met with disbelief when they say they are trying gender selection, but many people have also reported success. As far as I’m concerned, it all seems safe, so it couldn’t hurt to try!

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