Cancer Fighting Foods

Each year, millions of people are diagnosed with some form of cancer. Among those diagnosed, a large percentage of cancer patients die within the first five years. Although some types of cancers are linked to genetics, other types of cancers appear as random illnesses that strike without warning and quickly claim the lives of its victim.

According to the National Cancer Institute, a great number of cancers are related to diet. For this matter, the organization has compiled a list of foods that are thought to decrease the odds of developing cancer. Moreover, these foods may also be effective with helping cancer patients achieve remission.

Cancer Fighting Foods

âÂ?¢ Avocados – A powerful antioxidant that may promote liver health and reduce the chances of developing liver cancer.

âÂ?¢ Carrots– Researchers have discovered ingredients in carrots which are effective with reducing the odds of developing mouth, lung, throat, stomach, bladder, and intestinal cancer.

âÂ?¢ Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts – May reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer.

âÂ?¢ Garlic, Onions – Lowers the risk of stomach and colon cancer. Moreover, garlic and onions may slow tumor growth and promote remission.

âÂ?¢ Grapefruits – Research shows that grapefruits lower the risk of breast cancer.

âÂ?¢ Flax – Reduces the risk of breast, lung, and skin cancer.

âÂ?¢ Soy – May protect the body against cervical, bladder, and stomach cancer.

âÂ?¢ Tomatoes – Lowers the risk of developing pancreatic, breast, lung, and stomach cancer.

âÂ?¢ Whole Grains – Wholes grains have a variety of antioxidants and anti-cancer ingredients, which protects against most cancers.

Foods and Ingredients Causing Cancer

âÂ?¢ Sodium – Ingredient included in most packaged meat (bacon, ham, hot dog, sausages, etc.)

âÂ?¢ Hydrogenated Oils – Includes saccharin and other artificial sweetners.

âÂ?¢ Refined Carbohydrates – This includes pancakes, granola bars, candy bars, crackers, cookies, etc.

âÂ?¢ Soda – Researchers have discovered that some sodas contain a high level of the cancer causing ingredient benzene

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