Candy: Is it the Sweet Road to Health?

Are sweets the new way to maintain health and wellness? Confectioners would have you believe it is. They are unveiling hundreds of new vitamin enriched candy products that they predict will drive sales sky high in the coming years in an effort to overcome the negative, unhealthy reputation of sweet treats as consumers become more health conscious. The big question is will the American public be gullible enough to be swayed into purchasing these fortified concoctions to justify their sweet tooth?

New on the horizon will be chocolate goodies containing Omega-3’s and antioxidants. We all know the important of Omega-3’s and anti-oxidants but getting your chocolate fix at the same time does not sound very rational to me, even if the name on the wrapper is Memory Enhancer or Cardio Builder. Candy companies will wrap their new sweet creations in enticing, positive phrases such as “surprisingly nutritious” and “a delicious and nutritious treat”. Names such as Twilight Delight and Citrus Sunset bring warm and fuzzy images to mind but what is their actual nutritional value? Jelly beans used to be just plain old sugary treats. Now they will be “energizing sports beans” providing energy, electrolytes and nutritional replenishment!

You’ll be comforted to know that our children will not be left out in this new breed of healthy treats. They will be able to enjoy sugar-free, fluffy cotton candy fortified with active healthy ingredients like Vitamin C! The benefits of Vitamin C should alleviate any health concerns parents might have from the artificial sweetener used to make this product sugar free. Your children can also eat their words as well, with a new candy that that consists of 10 pieces of sweetened wafer “paper” candies and a pen with real food coloring ink in it. They can write personal messages, even make their own greeting cards, and then eat them! A learning tool AND a sweet treat. What could be better than furthering literacy for our children through the use of sugary treats?

Sugar free is actually becoming the buzz word for healthy. But ask yourself, what are they using in place of the sugar to make it sugar free? If you are not aware of the serious health risks that artificial sweeteners pose that you are living in the dark ages! You are better to have the real thing than an artificial sweetener, unless of course you have a secret death wish.

I was surfing the internet the other day and came across an advertisement from a company advertising “Eat Candy and Lose Weight”. Now that sounds like an intriguing healthy treat. This company claims to be dedicated to producing products that are scientifically designed to target our specific needs. Their latest product is a revolutionary new lollipop containing all natural ingredients with the amazing power to suppress your appetite while at the same time giving you a burst of energy. And it tastes great, always a good thing when indulging in a sweet treat! Just what the heck is in this miracle product that is supposed to help you quickly and easily melt the fat right off your body? Interesting angleâÂ?¦candy as a dietary aid. Think I will wait till the M & M’s version comes out!

Probably the most intriguing product being unveiled this year will be edible beauty strips with skin nutritive ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid. Simply place one of these flavorful strips on our tongue and wait as it plumps up your skin, moisturizing, firming and refining all at once. From the inside? Forget about your morning skin are regimen, simply pop one of these strips in your mouth and you are good to go!

I vote that the next health trend should be Cheeto’s Cheese Puffs. They are made with real cheese, one of the 4 basic food groups, right? Eating a bag a day will provide you with your daily allowance of dairy and you get the added benefit of orange fingers! Did I mention I have a 6 bedroom house on the beach in California that I am selling for $100?

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