Canon Powershot A510 Digital Camera

The Canon Powershot A510 digital camera is a great camera for the right price. If you are looking for a camera that you can depend on to not fail in many different settings, the A510 by Canon should be your choice! With an incredible battery life, great 3.2 mega pixel shots, movie mode, and up to 13x digital zoom, this camera has been one of my favorite digital cameras ever.

This camera is very small and compact; I keep it in my pocket where ever I go. When purchased, it came with a carrying case, however it isn’t even needed. It has a huge LCD screen in the back to preview the picture you have just taken, and it takes scratches very lightly. So carrying it somewhere where the screen might get scratched up is not a problem!

The camera has 12 different shooting modes, along with a video mode. The camera also has a microphone and speaker so you can capture audio in the video mode and play it back to hear and see what you have just taken capture of. The many different modes are as follows:
Portrait – this mode is to capture an image of someone right in front of you, nice and clear and somewhat blur the background to get a better picture.
Landscape – this mode is to capture a far away landscape
Night Scene – the shutter speed is decreased to capture the object in a better light with a flash
Fast Shutter – the shutter speed is increased to take a faster picture for scenes moving fast
Slow shutter – the shutter speed is decreased a lot, as to have the camera watch an object move for a split second and catch the image moving
Special Scene – Has many different types of scenes to capture, including “Beach,” “Snow,” and “fireworks”
Stitch Assist – this mode is for pictures that need a bigger area to be shot all at once.
Then there are 4 different Manual Modes to adjust the Program, shutter speed, aperture-priority, and manual exposure.

With all the different modes, you’re sure to find something you will absolutely love. And there isn’t a scene you can’t capture with all the choices you have.

Another great thing about this camera is the battery life. First, it takes 2 AA’s, and lasts about 300 pictures. Thanks to the nice quality 3.2 MP’s, it doesn’t take a lot out of the batteries to capture a picture, even with flash going off. A recommendation here though, is to go with rechargeable AA’s. I have 2500Mh batteries, and I haven’t needed to recharge them even after 1000 shots. The battery life is absolutely amazing with this small camera with such great quality.

The A510 features its typical “Macro Mode,” along with red-eye reduction. It also has a direct-printing mode, so you don’t need a computer to print from your camera. One other really neat and interesting feature is that you can personalize your camera with the sounds it makes, and ways it starts up. (For example, I changed the sound from a “beep” at startup, to a nice “Welcome” voice recording.)

Overall this camera has succeeded my expectations. This is a highly recommended camera for beginner digital photographers.

Some of my recommendations are as follows:
-1gig or 512MB SD Memory Card
-4 rechargeable AA’s batteries at least 2500 mAh. (Cheap $25 from Best Buy)

The accessories you can buy for this small camera are extremely cheap! All in all, this camera is a highly recommended!

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