Can’t Get Away

There was once a man of which who God was dealing with: pulling at his soul to repent of his sins. After many days of neglecting God, the man decided to get away from the Maker of all things great and small. First he stopped going to church, a horrible thing indeed, but his efforts were all for naught; for everywhere he went something reminded him of God.

He stayed home Sunday, but found that some of the television programs had those preachers talking about Jesus. That poor television was soon thrown in the garbage, and the man decided to take on some easy listening. Things were going well for him, until the radio station decided to pay a song about Jesus. Needless to say the radio joined the television.

A good book is always a good way to get things off your mind, but the book the man chose to read began to stir in the direction of needing God. The book was thrown up against the wall, as the man retreated from his apartment.

He arrived at a local department store. Up and down the isles he went, hoping to find nothing that would prick his conscience, but there were people in the store wearing shirts about the Bible. At the book section certain title popped out at him such as “Come don’t wait: a commentary on serving God” and “What are you waiting for? God wants you!” These ailments were just too much and the man ran screaming out of the store to his car.

“Enough, I’ll find a place where God can’t find me.” replied the man.

So he drove for miles and miles until he was by a lake. There was no one around-or so he thought.

“I’ve done it!”

However, another man, who had just completed a day of fishing, docked his boat on shore. Upon seeing our runaway he approached him, carrying his fishing rod and a bucket of five basses.

“Good afternoon,” said the fisherman.
“Good day,” said the runaway.

“You look like you had a hard day.”
Our runaway gave a nervous laugh.
“I sure have, I been running all day trying to avoid anything and everything.”

The fisherman returned a joyful smile and replied,

“You know, I know a good way to avoid running all your life. Did it recently and it works.”
“Tell me,” said the runaway, “Tell me.”
“Jesus can take care of all your ripping and running. Do you know him?”

Our runaway broke out in a cold sweat. Next Sunday the man listened to the prompting of God, knowing that running hadn’t worked (it never does) and he gave his life to his Maker, which was the wisest thing he did and will be the wisest thing that you do.

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