Car Donation in Louisville

Some people find that donating automobiles is a great way to utilize a tax deduction or get rid of a car that is immobile. Car donations offer a way to have free removal of an immobile vehicle or may offer a larger tax write off than what you may have sold the car for. Others may not feel like dealing with the hassle of selling the old clunker in the drive way. To make the car donation process easier, I have listed two Louisville charities below that accept car donations to support their causes and outlined their procedures.

If you are thinking about a car donation so that you can use it as a tax deduction, you should know that the IRS made a change to the rules in October 2001. You will NOT receive a receipt for tax purposes immediately after making the car donation. The amount you are allowed to claim is the price the vehicle is sold for, which means you will receive a letter for tax purposes from the charity that includes the value AFTER the car is sold at their lot or auction. This means that you will not know how much you can write off of your taxes until the car is sold.

The Disabled American Veterans and the Goodwill accept car donations in Louisville. Car donations can be dropped off at the locations listed below for each of the charities. However, the cars do not have to be in running condition to be accepted. If the car is immobile, both charities are willing to come and pick up the car donation from where it is. Whether you are dropping the car donation off or having them pick it up, you will first need to go their location with the following items:

1) Kentucky registration showing that taxes for the current year are already paid, 2)the title to the car(with no liens),3) a picture ID, and the 4) keys for the vehicle.

After doing this, they will come and pick up the car. The Goodwill will accept cars in any condition and will pick up car donations within a 35 mile radius, but the DAV has some specific guidelines.

DAV Guidelines:
There can be no broken windows.
All parts must be attached. (No transmissions in the trunk or tailpipes hanging from the vehicle).
All four tires must hold air, and the vehicle must be able to roll around.
All immobile car donations must be easily accessible and facing forward so that they can easily push it onto a flat bed to haul it away.

Locations and Hours of Operation:

909 E. Broadway
Louisville, KY 40204
Open: Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

1701 Berry Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40215
Open: Tuesday – Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Goodwill sells the cars at auctions and the generated funds from the car donations help provide training and career opportunities to individuals with disabilities. DAV sells the car donations on a lot next to their store and funds go to supporting disabled American veterans through transportation to hospital and medical visits, clothes, and other necessities.

For more information about how your car donation can help these charities, visit their web sites at or

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