Car Washing Tips: ‘WASH ME’

Is it a beautiful day in the neighborhood? I am hoping so, and the best day of the week to wash that brand new Chevy or Ford sitting in your driveway. Grab a soft scrub, some car washing stuff, bucket, music and towels – you know, all that good stuff and meet me at the next paragraph.

Car washing can be a beautiful thing. Its serene, tranquil and delicate projection is one of the top delicacies in the race of mankind. Self-washing allows you to see the cracks and crevices that an auto wash prohibits you from seeing. One is left with a sense of joy, pride and accomplishment after completing the task, finally viewing the result. A clean automobile; vacuumed inside, windows clean, dash clean, interior, exterior etc� So how do we begin this illustrious project?


Ã?· We’ll need some type of wash concentrate. (Preferably, “Rain-X”) or try finding a solution that contains; deep cleansing foam, carnauba wax protection and produces brilliant shine.

Ã?· 2 or 3 dry towels; we’ll use these to dry off the car after washing or waxing is completed.
�· Bucket of H20 (Water)
�· Cushy sponge, rags
�· Armor (Vinyl interior/Wheels)
�· Squeegee
�· Tire Brush

Ready4Wash: (The beginning)

The very first thing we want to do is park our vehicle in a nice shaded area which doesn’t contain a lot of direct and beaming sunlight. This isn’t necessarily an essential move; however, if you’re a slow and methodical washer it’ll keep the concentrate from drying on your paint before you have a chance to rinse. Now, crank out that 50ft hose you bought last Christmas and hose your car down thoroughly; not leaving a single space dry.

Dip your rag or cushy sponge in the soapy-concentrated water. Now you can begin washing. Take your time and thoroughly scrub your car to remove all gunk, bird-droppings, debree and any other unsanitary element.

The rinse/dry: (‘Wax on..Wax off.. Wax on.. Wax off..)

Your vehicle should be covered in foamy soap by now, grab the water hose and begin rinsing. Make certain that you rinse all of the soap from the vehicle before attempting to dry. Dry soap is harmless overall, but on a vehicle it’s liable to leave streaks that can show through the paint. Next, grab yourself a nice, clean, fluffy towel and begin drying your vehicle. A good hand motion would be to buff side to side until the water is all gone. Once your car is completely dry and spotless, give yourself a pat on the back. Take one final look at your work and make sure you’ve touched every spot. If your work is satisfactory, clean up after yourself and call it a day. If you seek more, read on into the bonus track section.

Bonus Tracks:

Accessories (Wheels/Windows)

Grab the tire brush your neighbor “lent” to you. Dip it in some of that concentrated-water you made earlier and begin scrubbing the outer-rim/hubcap area of your tire. Be certain to clean the actual tires as well; scrubbing them in a 360-degree turn (Around and Around). If you have a can of armor-all, or any type of tire shine solution, now is the time. Apply it to the tire and once completed, repeat the same step for each tire you have.

If you still have that squeegee handy, now would be a good time to use it. It’ll be just the same as if you’re at the gas station filling up and cleaning the windows before a long road trip. Dip the cleaning edge of the squeegee into the bucket of concentrate and gently scrub your windows with it. Once you finish, rotate the squeegee 180 degrees and gently slide the squeegee scrape against the glass; removing all of the soapy concentrate.

Accessories (Interior/Vinyl):

It’s safe to apply armor-all to your vinyl-dash material. Just be certain that if you decide to use any other material for your dash set that it’s safe! Not every bottle of shining concentrate is useful for your vehicle or furniture. Clean your interior thoroughly, or as much as possible and don’t forget to vacuum.

Now your car is clean! No more bird poop, leaves on the floor mats, dirty windows or dusty vinyl. A clean car will increase your love, affection and appreciation for a spotless free ride. Not to mention, it can be somewhat distracting to drive in unsanitary filth. Give yourself another pat on the back for a job well done, and just make sure you take better care of that car, okay?

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