Career Train Wreck

If you’ve ever felt like your career was heading for a train wreck and didn’t know where to turn, look no further than your own mirror. While you will find there are many people in the industry who will help you once you’ve succeeded, it’s a far cry sometimes for anyone to help you when you are climbing up a ladder that sways in the wind and each rung seems like it’s going down instead of up.

The biggest inspiration you can have to avoid a career collision is to get up, look yourself in eye in your mirror and remember the classic children’s book, “I Think I can, I think I can, I know I can, I know I can.” From “The Little Train That Could.” Say to yourself when you are looking in that mirror that You Can do it! You will do! And then get out of your comfort zone and DO it!

Then start looking on the Internet for local musicians meetings to begin your networking today. Build your list of potential supporters one hand shake at a time. Get to know the people who may play a potential role in your future on a personal level. Every one at the top didn’t start there.

The next hand you shake may be the person who in the future plays a pivotal role in your careers success. Good luck! Be sure to tune into the Jaci Rae show every Thursday night at 8 PM on the West Coast or 11 PM on the East Coast. Jaci has some of the top industry executives on her show every week. Email your questions live for the guests or Jaci to answer. Go to to find out more details on the show and who will be a guest that week. Don’t miss a single one! The next show may be your ticket to success!

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Jaci also hosts the popular “Jaci Rae Show,” heard live around the world. With top music executives that share insiders information such as: Thom King (former VP of Clear Channel who now tells it like it is and works in getting sponsors for artists), Mike Corbet (former A&R for Mariah Carey, et.), Peter Visvardis former Director of A&R for Sony Records, Harvey Cooper former VP of RCA Records, Jordan Keller legal counsel for The Backstreet Boys, etc.

To gain valuable career advice, tune in every Thursday night at 8 PM PST, by going to: and clicking on the weekly show link to find out who’s on and how to tune in. Guests can email their questions live.

Dubbed by the media as “Racy Jaci” because of her quick wit and “The Rae of Hope,” for her powerful insight, please make sure to check her out at:

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