Career in X-Ray Technology: Rewarding and Challenging

As a child, I knew I wanted to be a part of the medical profession. I had this idea that I could not be a nurse, for all of the nurses I knew, were blond and I had dark hair ! Yes, I know that was silly, but for a child, it was very important.

I had the opportunity to undergo several series of X-Ray exams as a child. This gave me the opportunity to ask questions, get an up close and personal look at the machinery and see it work. I became interested in the “unknown” of X-Ray and decided I want to consider a career in the field.

During my Senior year in high School, I was fortunate to live next door to two young women who were students at the local hospital… it just so happened they were X-Ray students! I had a chance to better understand what it would be like as student. I looked at their books, talked with them about their schedules and had a chance to visit the X-Ray Department on from time to time. While visiting the X-Ray Department, I was given tours of each of the exam rooms, and given in-depth explanations as to the many exams performed in each room.

Upon graduation from high school in 1966, I was proud that I had been accepted into the upcoming September 1966-1968 class in X-Ray Technology in Lexington Kentucky. The topics studied were Anatomy, Physiology, Dark Room Chemistry, X-Ray Physics, Patient Care, just to mention a few. The hours you have to devote to X-Ray, are demanding, but necessary and rewarding. During the first year, we were in class at least three days a week with several hours daily observing and participating in actual X-Ray procedures. We were learning medical terminology, and how to apply the many Isotopes into the Radiology world.

My years in Radiology as a Tech, mean a great deal to me. Over the years I have had the opportunity to use my knowledge in helping patients better understand the mystery of medical terminology and specific procedures their doctors have requested.
For over six years, I have been active on several Medical Message Boards on the Internet, giving people support and encouragement when they need to know someone cares and is aware of what they, the patient, considers “the unknown”.

I encourage anyone who is considering their future career path, and who may have an interest in the medical field, to talk to your teacher at school or contact the local hospital in your community and inquire about schooling in X-Ray Technology.
In the resourses section below, I have included several ULs to sites that should give you a general overview of X-Ray and what is required. I have posted a site for a major Message Board that will give you and idea of the medical topics that are of interests to patients.

I have a pet project, it is Endocrinology. Over the years, I have learned as much as possible about the ever-growing subject and provide(ed) many people information regarding numerous diseaess of the Endocrine System. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to post information on the Endocrine System, to better educate people of its importance and how it effects us daily.

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