Carpet Stain and Spot Lifter by Bluemagic: Review

Removing old and even fresher carpet stains can be very challenging, especially if the stains seep deep into the carpet causing it to discolour. Many carpet cleaners only deliver partial results and can cause more damage than good to the carpet.

My husband and I needed to find a carpet cleaner that would clean the inside of our truck where a fizzy drink had been spilled leaving an ugly stain. I thought that the carpet in the vehicle had been completely ruined after seeing the stain left after my husband’s relatives borrowed the truck. But my husband was confident that he would be able to find a carpet cleaner that would be able to lift the stain.

We searched the shops and finally came across Carpet Stain and Spot Remover by Bluemagic. It claimed to “work well where others fail” and to remove tough stains such as coffee, blood, grease, tar, wine, pet stains, and more. But would it work for us? That was what really concerned me. I am not easily convinced until I see the results for myself.

My husband soon set to work on the carpet stain. He sprayed a liberal amount of Carpet Stain and Spot Remover by Bluemagic onto the carpet and he then waited for a short while and dabbed the carpet with a cloth. To my surprise, the stain lifted off immediately, leaving the carpet inside the truck looking as good as new.

For older stain removal, Bluemagic recommends spraying the carpet cleaner directly onto the carpet and leaving it for up to 30 seconds before blotting it and repeating the procedure if necessary. While a lot of older stains will lift off, tougher stains will need to be gently brushed to help remove carpet stains.

When dealing with fresher stains, spray Carpet Stain and Spot Remover and then leave for up to 15 seconds before blotting the surrounding area.

While Bluemagic claims to remove many carpet stains, the bottle does say that acid based stains or those that have been pre-treated with other carpet stain cleaners may be permanent. Bluemagic offers a money back guarantee to customers who have used this product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, but without success.

Carpet Stain and Spot Remover by Bluemagic worked to restore the carpet inside my truck and it also removed all traces of vomit from my carpet where my cat had been sick. I would therefore highly recommend this product for the majority of your carpet stain needs. It can be found in your local Wal-Mart.

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