Carry Your Dog like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie

You have seen all the celebrities carrying their precious dogs around town in dog carriers. It seems like quite the fad for people in the in crowd today. While they were built and designed to make bring your dog with you easier, they are also just plain fun. You can get designer dog carriers or even custom versions for your dogs personality.

Dog carriers are perfect for the times when you want to go out and hate leaving your dog behind. With a carrier you can bring your lovable dog with you where ever you go. The typical dog carrier has a padded interior and are easily washable as well. A dog carrier is perfect for giving your dog his own private area. He will know it is time to go out as soon as you pick the carrier up. Most dogs love being carried around in their own little space. It helps give them a comfortable space to still be able to get out of the house but remain safe and secure.

These aren’t just normal bags, they are designed for small dogs specifically with sturdy bottoms and secure straps. You will be able to find them in all colors and styles that will suit your dog and yourself.

Make sure the bag you buy is sturdy enough for the size of dog you own. The pad in the bottom should be removable for easy cleaning and be washable. The bottom pad should be designed so that your dogs hair wont stick to it. The sides of the dog carrier should be padded to keep your dog safe and protected.

Check yourself by sticking your hand in the bag and making sure there is nothing your dog could get hurt on inside the bag. You don’t want a piece of plastic or metal injuring your dog.

With all the different designs, most dog owners have a few for different outfits so they can have matching dog carriers. You have probably seen a ton of variety when you are out on the town. It seems like dog carriers are actually a new status symbol. Just like the small dog breeds themselves. There are quite a few websites online selling dog carriers so do a quick search on google for some ideas and more tips.

The best and most useful dog carriers are made of leather. Leather goes with everything no matter what outfit you are wearing or where you are going. So if you are only getting one, make sure to find a nice looking leather dog carrier and you will be all set.

Now the first time your dog sees the carrier and you try to put him inside it might be stressful for him. He will have to get used to it at first. You will need to start getting the dog used to going in the carrier with it on the ground. Train the dog by putting her in the carrier and rewarding with treats when she stays in and doesn’t immediately jump out.

Let the dog get comfortable inside, and walk around the house for awhile before you head off to town. Your dog needs to be trained to stay calm and not get too excited in the carrier. Once your dog is perfectly happy walking around with you in the dog carrier, take longer walks around the yard and the neighborhood until she likes being in the bag. Don’t punish the dog for jumping out, instead reward the dog with praise and treats for not jumping out of the dog carrier. Most dogs quickly get used to the carrier and start to get comfortable within a day or two. Some love it right away.

Being able to take your dog with you when you go to the city, is much more enjoyable if you have a way to keep them safe and under control. Don’t forget to let your dog out often just in case she has to relieve herself. Hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.

Here are a few dog carrier designers:

Anima Liza
Tote a Pet
Celltei has a great selection from $33 and up.

A dog carrier is a great way to keep your dog with you where ever you go. Keep the bag clean and your dog will be very happy to be with you and get out of the house.

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