Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs Vs. Electrosol PowerBall Tabs

Using liquids and powders to clean dishes in the dish washer are a thing of the past. As technology improves so does the effectiveness of cleaning products. Two products that are similar in function have unique abilities to get your dishes cleaner an spot free. Electrasol PowerBall Tabs and Cascade 2 in1 ActionPacs are distinct to the very packaging of the product. I have used both products before, therefore explaining their capabilities will be easy.

Electrasol PowerBall Tabs are a product that have a 3 in 1 action ability which contains a pre-soak ingredient, the detergent and the Jet Dry PowerBall in the center of the detergent block. All three of the components combined are in a 2 inch by 4 inch plastic wrapping. In order to use the Electrosol PowerBall Tab you must open the packaging and removed the detergent tablet to place it in the dish washer. It can be messy removing the tablet due to the detergent’s powder contents shedding from the bar.

The Electrasol PowerBall Tabs come in a card board box container with twelve tablets. Each tablet is individually wrapped to prevent detergent from breaking off of the bars and spilling over into the card board box container. A twelve tablet box of Electrasol PowerBall Tabs equals an 8.6 ounce size container of tablets. For this 8.6 ounce container of tablets, you can expect to spend between four and five dollars for a pack at any that sell cleaning products.

The entire Electrasol PowerBall Tab completely dissolves in the dish washer. You do not need to worry about the plastic wrapping of the tablets getting caught or jammed in the dish washer. An 8.6 ounce size container will last one month with two to three washes a week; it will be longer if you are an infrequent dishwasher. With the pre-soakers, detergent and Jet Dry PowerBall your dishes will receive a thorough wash.

Electrasol PowerBall Tabs are extremely convenient and the packaging does not take up much space. However, the extra wrapping that needs to be removed from each tablet can be messy and create more garbage. Each time you use the dishwasher you only need one tablet to get the job done, they are also acceptable to use for septic systems. Using the Electrasol PowerBall Tabs is much easier than pouring liquids or powders into the dishwasher. The convenience of the Electrasol PowerBall tabs is the most valuable asset to washing dishes in the dishwasher and are completely safe to use.

Cascade products are popular and widely used dishwashing cleaning products. Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs are similar to the Electrasol PowerBall Tabs but are better in use and even more convenient in packaging. Different from Electrasol PowerBall Tabs, Cascades 2 in 1 ActionPacs contain a liquid and a powder form of detergent. Dawn is the detergent used in both of the contents.

Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs are also enclosed in a plastic seal. The best part about using the Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs is the seal does not have to be opened. There aren’t any messy cleanups and the plastic covering is designed to be placed in the dish washer as it is, it dissolves during the wash.

Instead of a card board box for a container, the Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs come in a resealable plastic bag. For a 13.4 ounce of Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs there are 20 pacs to use for washing. A 13.4 ounce size of Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs are estimated at five dollars.

Choosing between Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs and Electrasol PowerBall Tabs can be difficult. In the end Cascade has more benefits for the cleaning process of the dishes and less of a cleaning process for the products contents. Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs dissolve ability and liquid, powder combination makes the dish washing process more convenient. Although it is one dollar more, you are getting more for you money from Cascade 2 in 1 ActionPacs.

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