Cat Proof Your Home

You go to the pet adoption center and you fall in love with a sweet calico cat. You decide to adopt her and you want to make your new kitty’s transfer to her new home an easy transition. Not only will you need to buy your new kitty some supplies, you will need to cat-proof your home before he or she is brought home with you.

Lock up your chemicals: Put all of your cleaning supplies in a locked cabinet or in a high place where kitty won’t be able to access them. Cats are not always able to differentiate what is harmful and what is harmless. Cats explore their world with their sense of smell as well as their sense of taste. If your cat can access your cleaning supplies and chemical products he or she may drink some of the product in order to find out what it is. Don’t chance damaging your cat with these harmful products. Keep them locked up or in a high place that your cat cannot access.

Get rid of poisonous plants: Several plants are poisonous to cats and these plants can cause symptoms ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to coma or death. For a list of poisonous plants, please consult a veterinarian. You can also view my article on Holiday Poisonous Plants for more information about seasonal plants that are harmful to cats.

Keep medications out of reach: Similar to household cleaners, all medication should be kept locked up so that your cat does not accidentally ingest it. Human medications often have negative and dangerous consequences if ingested.

Cover electrical cords: Cats may be intrigued by dangling cords or cords on the floor, and as a result, they may attempt to chew on these cords. Electric shock and electrical burns can be prevented by putting cord covers over all of your electrical cords.

Keep small things off the floor: Get on your hands and knees and look for small things on the floor, such as paper clips, thumb tacks, earrings, and staples. If you find these items on your floor, pick them up. You don’t want your new kitty to swallow one of these items.

Close off dangerous spaces: When we moved into our new apartment building, my landlord told me to make sure the cats couldn’t get under the oven. There is enough space below the oven where my cats can get into it if they desire. Are there spaces in your home that are potentially dangerous to your new cat? For instance, ensure that you keep your dryer closed so that your cat doesn’t climb into it. Additionally, make sure that your cat is not in the dryer before you turn it on.

If you have a garage, you may want to keep the door leading into your garage shut and locked at all times.

Getting a new kitten or cat is so exciting. Help make your home as safe as possible for your new companion by doing the things suggested in this article.

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