Cats in Clothes

Cats are the most adorable and most elegant pets around. So why not dress them up? Special occasions, such as Halloween, birthdays, and Christmas are the perfect times to put your cats in clothes to involve them in the festivities of the occasion.

When picking the right piece of clothing for your cat, always choose something that your cat will be comfortable in. By all means, do not dress your cat in something that can be itchy or would simply not suit her. Your cat will immediately tell you if she does not like the new clothes. This will definitely cause the cat to try to get rid of the clothing. Also, make sure that whatever you put on her does not interfere with her ability to walk or see, or that flops around and is otherwise distracting or annoying. In other words, do not put things on that will flop or hang in her eyes or clothing that restricts her ability to walk or something that is so long, she trips on it or gets tangled in it while walking. In that same vein, since cats are creatures who are very active and naturally run and jump up on high surfaces, be very careful when putting cats in clothes. You must keep this in mind when choosing clothing for your cat, as well as when deciding where and how long the cat will wear the outfit. Never allow your cat to wear clothing that could cause her to get hurt, bound, or strangled during unsupervised play.

Finding clothes made especially for cats can be particularly difficult, if not impossible. Generally, you will have to shop in the dog clothing isles of your local pet store to find something for your cat. Dog clothing works just as well. My cat, Prissy (pictured), had many different dresses and tee shirts, all of which were dog outfits. A size small in dog clothing will usually fit a cat between 6- 9 pounds. Target and Walmart both have a cute selection of pet clothing at reasonable prices. However, if you purchase something from your local dollar store, you will need to go up a size or two as these are not usually sized in the same manner.

Some cats tend to tolerate cute bandannas and ties better than the tee shirts and dresses that feel a bit uncomfortable on their fur. If your cat has an aversion to the dresses and tee shirts/sweaters, try the bandannas and ties instead. Whatever, you choose, just remember to put your cat’s comfort and safety first. Even if it looks cute and adorable, if the cat doesn’t like it, take it off.

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