Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Celebrities are some of the most pampered people in the world. They have access to the best products and services, including stylists and make-up artists, which makes it easy for them to look absolutely amazing on a daily basis. But even celebrities are fond of bargains and unconvential beauty tips. This article will give you the inside scoop on ideas, tips, and secrets to help you look and feel your best, even if you are on a budget.

Just because celebrities have access to a plethora of expensive beauty products, doesn’t mean that all celebrities choose to use a face cream that costs $300. Expensive is not always better! For example, Cindy Crawford has been known to spray her beautiful face with a mixture of whole milk and water in order to hydrate her skin throughout the day. Michelle Yeoh keeps her face looking fresh with a home-made astringent containing lemon juice and water. Last time I checked, lemon juice, milk, and water are ingredients that are both economical and readily available. These homespun products are also easy to make, so there’s no excuse not to try them out for yourself.

Acne is a major concern for a lot of people. Personally, I have tried almost everything under the sun for acne, including expensive creams from a dermatologist, which only aggravated my sensitive skin. I am 24 years old, so the stuff in drug stores marketed for most “teen” acne was also too harsh for my adult face. Nothing worked until I did some research and read somewhere that applying Milk of Magnesia (Philips laxative) to your face every night and leaving on as a mask, would eliminate acne VERY quickly. It worked fast, and best of all, it is less than $4 for a big bottle. I also heard that hemorrhoid cream (such as Preparation H) works wonders on puffy eyes. Jennifer Love Hewitt swears by toothpaste (applied overnight to the blemish) to heal pimples. And speaking of toothpaste, before you splurge on expensive whitening creams, why not simply brush your teeth with strawberries (a natural and delicious teeth whitener) like Catherine Zeta-Jones?

Do you want to keep your nails looking great? Then do what Julia Roberts does and soak them in olive oil. This will moisturize nails and those stubborn cuticles, as well as cut down on pesky “hang nails” caused by dry skin. Don’t throw out that “used” olive oil that you just soaked your nails with, instead you can use it to add shine to your hair like Catherine Zeta-Jones does! Another idea for the hair from Nicole Kidman is to rinse with cranberry juice in order to create and maintain red highlights.

Celebrities often need to lose weight quickly for a role. Want to look like you lost ten pounds instantly? Stand up straight! Good posture also makes you appear confident. You don’t have to consult a psychic to learn the best foods for your body, but Vanessa Williams did! Vanessa follows her psychic’s advice and avoids wheat and caffeine to maintain her beautiful body. I read in the book The World’s Best Kept Beauty Secrets by Diane Irons, that taking papaya enzymes (comes in a pill form) will help get rid of bloating. Daisy Fuentes loses weight in a pinch by sipping Chamomile tea and water (at least one liter each) every day. Supermodel Gisel Bundchen uses spices on her food to maintain her figure. Spices create an internal “thermogenic” burn. Donna Karan makes her own juice blend (cabbage, parsley, apple, carrots, celery) and uses it for up to two days to take weight off. Susan Lucci keeps her skin glowing and gorgeous by eating plenty of omega-3 laden sardines.

Cellulite is not discriminatoryâÂ?¦it attacks people of all shapes and sizes! Even models get cellulite, although you would never know because of the miracle of airbrushing. Since you and I don’t have a team of professionals making our every “flaw” disappear, we can use this cheap (and extremely MESSY) home treatment, which utilizes warm coffee grounds, newspaper, and a loofah mitt. Caffeine is the main component of most treatments for cellulite, and coffee grounds are full of this wonderful stuff! First, line your bathroom floor with old newspapers. Using your loofah mitt, (or an old washcloth) apply used, warm coffee grounds to your dimply areas. Next, wrap the area with plastic wrap for a few minutes. Unwrap, and shower off. You can do this treatment once a week for optimum results. My suggestion is to use “flavored” coffee for those of you (like me) who can’t stand the smell of regular coffee.

In conclusion, there are many inexpensive and easy ways to enhance your beauty. All you have to do is look! The above article is by no means exhaustive. For more information, check out the website www.focusonstyle.com, or any book by Diane Irons.

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