Ceramic Tools Professional Curling Iron Versus the Red Hots Professional Halogen Curling Iron!

This article is for those women who have tried various curling irons and just con not seem to find the right one. I also have had the same problem in trying to find the curling iron that is right for me. I currently own two, the first one being the Ceramic tools professional curling iron. This curling iron is supposed to give your hair the extra body and volume that it needs.

As far as the part about reducing breakage I would have to disagree. In seemed to cause a lot more damage than preventing it. For some reason it always seemed to get way to hot for my hair. This is even when it is put on the lowest heat setting. My hair still seemed to end up a little on the frazzled side. It also did not work very well when it come to eliminating the frizz.

The second curling iron was the Red Hots Professional Halogen Curling Iron. This iron worked really well for my hair. My hair happens to be on the very thick side, so if you have very thick hair this is definitely he iron for you. It only took a few minutes for it to heat up at just the right temperature that I needed. It has about ten different heat settings so if you need it a little hotter you just have to wait an additional minute or so.

The price is also pretty good since it only cost about twenty dollars. The ceramic tools professional curling iron cost about thirty dollars. Although I do think that the ceramic tools professional curling iron works better on this with thin hair or if you are looking for a curly style. Many people have found that it is very easy handle and work with.

You may not realize it or not but most beauty salons do not necessarily use the more expensive curling iron as many people may think. When a salon goes shopping for curling irons and additional supplies they look more at quality and what works better. You also need to take into consideration how long the curling iron will last. You do not want to invest even twenty dollars into something that will only last for a few weeks.

It is also important that you use the curling iron properly. There is nothing wrong with practicing with your curling iron to make sure that it works properly and that you handle it properly. Some people tend to feel a little on the awkward side when they first begin using a curling iron.

You should take the time to find a spray that will help to protect you hair from being burned by the curling iron. Many women tend to blame the curling iron when they end up with burned hair, but it may be a combination of problems. They could have used the curling iron improperly in addition to not protecting their hair from the heat of the iron. There are really a lot of sprays to choose from just make sure that it says blower dryer and curling iron heat protection.

Another suggestion is to not be afraid to use the various settings on the curling iron. Different settings will work differently on different hair types. I have already stated in this article which curling iron I prefer, why not try one and see which will work best for you. Try purchasing them when they are on sale this way if you but more than one like I did you will be saving money. Just remember to take the time and read all instructions carefully.

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