Charlie Brown Christmas Party/Lesson Plan Ideas for Preschoolers

A Charlie Brown Christmas is a classic tale of yuletide joy that preschoolers enjoy. Let your preschool class, or your preschooler and his friends, enjoy these Charlie Brown Christmas lesson plan and party ideas.

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Idea #1: Color a Scraggly Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

You can easily draw the outline of a scraggly Charlie Brown Christmas tree on a sheet of white paper and then print enough copies for all of your students. Let each of your preschoolers choose one colored marker. Now encourage them to draw just one round Christmas ornament on one of the tree branches.

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Idea #2: Bobbing for Apples

Adult supervision is imperative during this activity. Fill a plastic or metal washtub with lukewarm water. You don’t want the water to be so cool as to make the children not want to play. Place 5 or 6 red apples in the water. Have this set up as the preschoolers arrive, as they will be delighted at the sight of colorful floating apples. One by one, let the preschoolers who want to bob for apples put on a plastic smock to protect their clothing. Now let the children, one by one, try to nab an apple in their teeth. When they succeed, wash the apple and let them eat it, if they like. If a child is unable to grasp an apple with his teeth, assure him that he tried hard and let him take one out of the washtub to snack on.

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Idea #3: Paint Paper Mache Apple Ornaments

Along the bobbing for apples theme, give each of your preschoolers one paper mache apple ornament. These can be purchased from any craft store. Have each child put on an art smock. Set out red paint and paint brushes. Let the preschoolers paint their apple ornaments. Be sure to do this earlier enough during the party so that the apple ornaments will have time to dry before the preschoolers go home. These make wonderful decorations for Christmas trees.

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Idea #4: Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Idea #5: Color A Full Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Draw a full green Christmas tree on a piece of white paper. Print enough copies for all of your preschool students. Set out various colors of markers and let the children color as many decorations on the Christmas tree as they desire.

Charlie Brown Christmas Party Idea #6: Circle Around the Classroom Christmas Tree and Sing

Like in the final scene of A Charlie Brown Christmas, have your preschoolers circle around the tree and sing Christmas songs. Encourage them to hold hands.

You can adapt these lesson plan/party ideas to be as secular or as Christian as is appropriate.

Happy holidays!

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