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Technologically has impacted every facet of life in the world. The most affected with grievous consequences is the social life. Families have broken up because of technology, from mobile phone calls and numbers to Internet friends. Soap operas and other similar romantic and sex related movies have played an important role in the road to divorce.

And because of the numerous stress and distress in families and individuals, many people find themselves lonely, with nobody to share what burns in them in the physical world. To solve this problem, a software world has emerged where ‘perfect’ people meet to discuss on issues affecting them. The forum of such meetings has been the ever-increasing Internet chat-rooms.

It all starts with a word of ‘hello there’ or hi or ‘asl’ (age sex and location) depending on where you are chat at, or with who to start a conversation. Mostly the conversation will be between opposite sexes who want to find some romantic appeal and maybe, just maybe, meet the lifelong awaited partner. Some go the chat rooms to get the sex date, others just to talk dirty, while others to fulfill that hobby of theirs-chatting.

But to first comers to the cyber chat, they may probably meet obstacles to getting any further within the first few days of trial. Most of the opening greetings may not be replied to. Or even in most cases, the conversations do not proceed beyond the first five lines of ‘knowing one another’. And if the person so disinteresting is chatting next to an experienced person, he/she may wonder why the person is having such long and interesting chat.

The magic behind having an interesting chat is simple. Depending on what you want to chat for, whom you want to please and how quality time you want to get from the chat house, never keep it real. Forget your personality and be a personality expected from the chatters. If you visit dating sites, just browse at people’s profiles and you are likely to find something similar. Most if not all persons who visit the Internet for dating want to meet ‘interesting’, ‘outgoing’, or ‘charming’ personalities.

So if you are boredom, a one person with few words and never talks unless talked to, then you are wasting your time in the chat-room. Be creative with words. Let your opening ‘please know me’ sentences be as long as possible, with well-chosen words that leaves the reader curious. If you are asked, “How are you doing?” please don’t answer, “fine”, but rather say something like this, “Hey am doing fine, actually I could not imagine I will be this happy”. This kind of reply will leave the reader curious that maybe you were sad over some event that happened some few hours before the time you got to chat. If the question comes from the other side asking you if you were sad or something, say yes and create a situation of dramatically illustrate the events the led to your current happinessâÂ?¦and the discussion will not end soon.

Take note; be interesting as much as possible in the chat room. Please your chat friend and you shall be satisfied in return. And never forget that chat friends are worst of your enemies. It is better to keep off from the chat room if you cannot lie on crucial issues like your finances and place of residence. You never know who will knock at your door this weekend. Have pleasant chats whenever you visit any chat site.

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