Cheap Artwork for Your Walls

If you are like me, you would love to have the look of museum quality artwork hanging on the walls of your home. Unfortunately the budget does not allow this splurge so it is time to get creative.

The first step in this process is to pick a poster. There are several online stores that sell posters at very reasonable prices that will work with most any decor. Once the poster has been selected, an artist canvas will need to be selected. Select a canvas that will allow the poster to be fully displayed but you will want to cut the poster down to fit so that the poster covers the entire front of the canvas.

Once the poster and canvas have been selected, the poster will need to be cut down to fit the canvas. The poster should be cut to completely cover the front of the canvas but not the sides. You can turn the poster to the back side and trace the canvas in order to get the exact size. This will give you clean lines to cut on.

Once the poster has been cut to size. The canvas should be covered with an even coating of spray glue. The poster should then be placed onto the canvas. It is best to start from one corner and work towards the opposite corner. Care should be taken to smooth any bubbles or ridges that may be in the poster.

Once the poster is properly positioned on the canvas, it is time to paint the sides of the canvas to match the colors in the poster. You want to make it appear as if the poster actually continues to the sides of the canvas. Therefor if the background of the poster is black, the sides of the canvas should be painted black.

Once the sides have had sufficient time to dry, the canvas should be completely covered with a clear coat of paint. A wide paint brush should be used as you want it to leave a textured effect on the canvas. Once the canvas has completely dried, you are left with a ready to hang masterpiece on the cheap.

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