Cheap Storage Ideas for Bedrooms

As a mother of eight children who can’t seem to find enough room for storage in their bedrooms or mine, I have made it my business to maximize the room I have in my bedrooms in an effort to create a necessary degree of order in my home. There are a few cheap storage ideas for bedrooms that I’ve found helpful for keeping my home in order and the bedrooms uncluttered and orderly.

Under the Bed

When I say under the bed, I’m not referring to just throwing things under the bed willy nilly. I’ve found some nice drawers that are a good fit for under the bed. They’ve usually come from places like Hobo’s, a discount home improvement store or perhaps at a rummage. Nonetheless, I’ve been able to make good use of these types of drawers. They’ve become a great place for jeans, or sweaters that need to be folded instead of hung.

Maximize Your Current Closet

I have found some much needed assistance from the stackable crate types of shelving that you can place in the back of your closet in an attempt to find a place for shoes, belts and other accessories you may have. Stacking these crate type of shelves are a great way for me to make the most out of my small closet space and actually fit a significant amount of belongings into. These can be found at a variety of retailers like Walmart and Kmart, some home improvement stores.

Stuffed Animal Net

Nothing was more of a help to me than the net that I suspended from the ceiling in my kids rooms. This was the place that held their entire collection of stuffed animals. It made such a huge difference the kids bedrooms that at one point, I made sure that all of them had one.

Switching Clothes Seasonally

When all else fails and you need to be frugal and have storage space in your bedrooms, you can always switch clothes from summer to winter and visa versa as the seasons change. I did that for a number of years as well. It can be time consuming however, your bedroom will stay neat and orderly without clutter.

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