Cheap and Effective Methods of Home Security

If you’re a middle class worker, then these easy tips to secure your home are definitely for you. A regular security system can cost about $200 on average, or more. For additional pieces of equipment you can pay $500+. These pieces include cameras, some sensors, and elaborate sensor lights. With my tips you can easily save hundreds, and maybe even thousands in the long run. You do not need to contact any security agency either, and installment takes mere minutes overall.

The Obvious
These are the “obvious” security steps anyone should take, but no one is perfect, and we often forget even the most basic things. This is a small, yet fresh reminder of what everyone should be doing before they go to sleep. When you go to sleep, remember to lock all of your doors and windows, and do not leave anything easily takeable outside. Such things as bikes and skateboards should be properly stored in a garage or a shed. Also, ensure that your garage is locked, and put a padlock on your shed as well.

I See The Sign
When someone buys a security system from a company, there are always signs saying “This House is Protected by X”. Now, criminals in general aren’t very smart people, therefore there signs will deter them since they wont take into consideration that you don’t have the real system. This is more of a psychological criminal deterrent, but it definitely works.

One of the most fearful things to a burglar are police and interaction with one of the residents in the home they are breaking into. An alarm system will definitely trigger police in a matter of minutes, and a burglar, in most situations, will not want to harm you, they would rather escape. The reasoning for this is because they don’t want a heavier burden on their shoulders for assaulting, or even killing an individual. They want to get in, and then get out, usually.

Make sure when you place this sign in front of your house, it is easily see-able by everyone wandering by your house. Don’t hide the sign behind a bush or a tree, otherwise the sign has no point.

Doggie Danger
There are two different tactics I know of when it comes to dogs and safety. If you have a real dog, they are generally great for any level of protection. Even a small dog can alert the owners of a home when someone is intruding, and a big dog can definitely scare an intruder off. Be careful though, if your dog bites an intruder you may be in some trouble, even though the burglar came into your house unlawfully.

The two different tactics I have are for people that lack the companionship of a dog.

One. Get dog warning signs and place them on/near your front door, and on all sides of the fences. These signs can easily be found at a Petco, or another local pet store. Make sure that these signs are clearly visible. No criminal, even though they can get you into some hot water if they are bit, actually wants to get bit themselves. The pain isn’t worth it, and there is also a chance they can get prosecuted for unlawful entrance upon your property. If you create the illusion of having a dog, then an average criminal will take the hint and go somewhere else.

Two. Creating the illusion of a dog can be difficult, especially if a criminal looks around your house through the windows or in your back yard prior to entering the house and knows that the signs of fictitious. My secondary suggestion is to get the recording of a vicious dog barking, and get a loud tape player. If you hear someone entering your house, then press the Play button immediately. The sound of a barking dog can send a burglar running for the hills, as they do not want to get hurt.

Cell Phone – A Civilian’s Best Friend
Cell phones are extremely helpful against burglars. If a criminal is truly hellbent on getting inside of your house without the risk of getting caught, they may cut your telephone and/or electricity lines to ensure that you have no means of communication to police, or anyone for that matter. A cell phone doesn’t need electricity, or a telephone wire connection to dial in or out. Keep a cell phone near your bed so you can call 911 if someone breaks in.

Also, is a burglar really gets violent and locks you away in a closet or something, having a cell phone close may enable you to put it in your pocket quickly prior to and fighting that may occur.

Lights, and Other Signs of Liveliness
Showing a criminal that someone is in the house, and is walking around is one way to increase the chance that they will not come in. I suggest keeping a light or two on overnight, and maybe even the TV. The television will show that there is an activity going on, increasing the chance that one of the residents in the house may be awake still. Confrontation is one thing that burglars will do anything to avoid, even if it means not going in at all.

Having a light on outside is a good idea as well since it allows you to see if there is anything, or anyone outside.

Fisticuffs – The Last Resort
Like I said before, confrontation with an owner is one of the scariest things a criminal can endure. If a burglar has surpassed all of your other defenses, and they are violent, then you may have to fight. The law suggest that you find a means of escape rather than fight, but sometimes you’re cornered, and there is no escape. The law also states that you cannot use excessive force against a criminal. Many people think that because a burglar comes into their house, they have the right to shoot them. No, that’s not how the law works. But that is one reason why burglars may be afraid of confrontation. What if an owner is wielding a gun and thinks they have the right to end the burglars’ life right there and then?

However, many burglars themselves don’t carry guns, despite what the media shows us. A good burglar doesn’t need a gun, and they know that if they are caught with a firearm, they are going away even longer than usual if they get caught.

There are instances where someone may be able to use a firearm and get away with it, even if the burglar doesn’t have one themselves, but these instances are rare, and a good lawyer is needed to defend the person using the firearm. For example, an old, paralyzed woman’s home gets broken into. The burglar, a man standing at 6’3” and 260 lbs.starts assaulting her. This is a life or death situation for the old lady, she may die from many different factors if she gets hit. Plus, she is paralyzed so she obviously cannot move anywhere very fast, and cannot fight back easily. In this case, is it possible for the old lady to use the firearm, but only if the man attacks her. The law teaches us that you cannot harm a human being for the sake of property. But in the instance that the burglar is aggressive, then adequate force may be used.

To learn simple techniques to apprehend a criminal, check around fitness and karate centers, as they sometimes give free, or low-cost classes. Learning any successful technique can essentially save your life, and put the criminal behind bars. Just do not use excessive force, as that can come back to haunt you in the long run.

These are some simple, and cheap steps that you can take to help protect what is most important to you – you, your family, and your property. Not everyone can afford top-of-the-line CCTV, sensors, and alarms. The total of all of these tips are slim, and can easily be made by any person.

Please check with states laws, as the laws I personally stated are general New York states laws, and there is a possibility that these laws may vary from state to state.

Also, remember that fighting is a last resort, and should not be used as your first line of defense. Deterrence is a much safer way to protect your home and your family. For more information on laws and security equipment, contact someone fully knowledgeable in the field of law, or contact any security alarm company.

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