Check out the Harriman Hills Condominium in Harriman, New York

Harriman Hills is a condominium located in Harriman, New York. If you are moving to the area and need a place to live, I would highly recommend Harriman Hills. This is a review of what this condominium has to offer.

Quiet: Harriman Hills is a quiet community with residents of all ages. It is a great place to live if you want to relax in your home without any disturbances.

Swimming Pool: The condominium offers a free pool to be used during summer hours. The condo provides a life guard to ensure the safety of all swimmers. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times. Residents are allowed to invite guests with them to the swimming pool.

Parking: Harriman Hills is broken down into ten buildings, all of which parking is provided. All parking is off the street so your car is safe. Some of the buildings do have garages for the residents to use. These condos are three stories with the garage being the lower level.

Own or Rent: While most residents at Harriman Hill own their condominium, there are some condos available for rent.

Bedrooms: There are several different layouts in the condos. You have the option of a one bedroom, one bedroom and den, or a two bedroom condo.

Landscaping: A landscaping crew takes care of the grounds all year long. They come each Friday to mow the law, rake leaves, or other outside tasks that need to be taken care of. The condominium is surrounded by trees and flower beds can be found outside of each home. The grounds are very well taken care of all year round.

Winter: During the months when snow and ice are on the ground, a crew comes and cleans off the roads. They tend to do this several times throughout the day as precipitation falls. The landscaping crew is in charge of cleaning sidewalks and stairs for the condominium. They remove all snow and ice, and put salt on the ground to prevent refreezing.

Each building is provided with a bucket of salt for those winter months as well. This is normally kept outside near the staircase. Residents of the building are responsible for putting down salt if they feel it is necessary. This is great to have on hand if you are going to work before the landscaping crew arrives to clear the sidewalks and staircases.

Heating and Cooling: Each unit is responsible for their own heating and cooling. The units are heated by oil. Furnaces are located in the basement of each building and are periodically filled by the oil company. In the summer months, units are cooled by window units. There are two located in most of the condominiums.

Pet friendly: Pets are welcome at Harriman Hill. At most times of the day you can look outside and find someone walking their dog. Pets must be kept on leashes at all times.

Kid Friendly: In the center of Harriman Hill there is a playground with swings, monkey bars, and other equipment. This playground is located away from all roads and is well shaded. If you have a child attending a local school, the bus stops directly outside of the condominiums.

Recreation: Harriman Hills offers a basketball and tennis court for all residents. You must provide your own balls and racquets. Above I have already mentioned the pool available during the summer months. Many residents enjoy walking for physical activity and Harriman Hills is perfect for that. Traffic is normally slow and pedestrians are safe.

Location: Harriman Hills is surrounded by several businesses less than one minute away. Some of the near by places include a gym, three gas stations, two Italian restaurants, the post office, and the train station. The public bus stops at the end of the road for easy commuting as well.

New York City: Harriman Hills is only one hour away from New York City when you travel by train or bus.

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