Chemical Properties of Gold

One of the most precious metals known to man, gold (AU), also known as the king of metals, doesn’t tarnish like most other metals. Gold jewelry, which accounts for more than seventy percent of all gold produced, can be worn in the shower without fear of tarnish.

Actually, gold can stand up to just about anything. Is it any wonder why God chose this precious metal to pave the streets of heaven? According to Lenntech, the chemical properties of gold are as follows:

* Atomic number- 79
* Atomic mass- 196.9655 g.mol -1
* Electronegativity ccording to Pauling- 2.4
* Density- 19.3 at 20C
* Melting point- 1062 C
* Boiling point- 2000 C
* Vanderwaals radius- 0.144 nm
* Ionic radius- 0.137 nm (+1)
* Isotopes- 7
* Electronic shell – [ Xe ] 4f14 5d10 6s1
* Energy of first ionisation- 888 kJ.mol -1
* Energy of second ionisation- 1974.6 kJ.mol -1
* Standard potential- +1,68 V ( Au+/ Au )
* Discovered- c.a. 3000 BC

Most of the world’s gold originates in South Africa while other supplies come out of Russia, Canada and the USA. Nearly twenty-five hundred tons of gold are produced each year, but there are literally thousands of tons still out there. The oceans are said to be a source for gold, but so far, no one has really attempted to access it.

Did you know that people still pan for gold? Alaska is a popular place to pan for gold. Rivers and streams have pockets where a person could actually pan for them selves a small fortune. But watch out for the mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite ( iron sulfide, FeS2), otherwise known as fools gold. This ore looks like gold, and is usually mistaken for gold by amateur prospectors because of its brassy glittering color. However, panning for gold can be an exciting and potentially lucrative hobby.

In some countries in centuries past, gold teeth were considered fashionable. But many considered gold teeth a threat to their very lives as people were killed for their gold teeth. Pirates were well known for having at least one gold tooth. The use of gold in dentistry has been practiced for years. The health care industry has used gold in treating rheumatoid arthritis on patients who find no relief using anti-inflammatory drugs.

Finally, gold is one of the most coveted metals on the planet and for good reason. Gold is the king of metals and if California were to have another gold rush, many would be on their way to the west coast in a hurry.

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