Choose the Best Family Wireless Plan

A great way to cut your wireless cellular bill is to adapt a family wireless plan. There are numerous options and choices available for family wireless plans. Not only are the rates packaged with flexible options, but other perks and add-ons may include internet and web enabled phones, camera phone options, text messaging packages, and even free phones. With each wireless provider offering an array of packages, there are plenty of options to find the best fit for you and your family.

Wireless family plans are an excellent way to save on minutes, billing issues, and making the best of use-able minutes. Since most wireless plans come in a variety of packages, your family is able to ‘share’ from a pool of minutes, regardless of how much each person uses. This is perfect for families of 3 or more people that have different needs; it’s likely that your teenager will need more minutes than your average stay-at-home mom. Family wireless plans enable each member to have their own phone, but simply use up the group minutes.

Plans can range from 300 to 2100 minutes depending on service provider, and many wireless plan service providers also offer unlimited nights and weekend bonuses that help to use the precious ‘logged’ minutes more freely! Your top choices for service providers who are offering the best family wireless plans on the market today are: Cingular, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, Nextel, and Verizon Wireless.

Cingular currently offers a variety of trendy phones and services, including the popular Motorala Razr V3, and Sony Ericsson lines. Cingular Nation Family Talk Family plans are as follows:
Cingular Nation FamilyTalk Family plans

� 700 Minute Cingular Family plan $69.99
� 1400 Minute Cingular Family plan $89.99
� 2100 Minute Cingular Family plan $109.99

Cingular also offers two phones with a family plan, with prices ranging from $50-$150+, and various rebates available depending on the model.

Sprint PCS
Sprint currently offers just one plan, with 2 lines of service. This does include unlmimited PCS to PCS calling, so you would not ‘log’ these minutes into the plan. This is ideal for couples, and people who have plenty of friends and family who are also PCS subscribers. Sprint currently features the Samsung A900 Blutooth Phone free after rebate.

Sprint PCS Family Plans
� 550 Shared Anytime Minutes $59.99

T-Mobile offers the flexibility of Motorlaphones plus 2 phones with each family plan. Many phones are free after rebate, and the Motorla RAZR V3 is currently the top seller. Family plans allow for unlimited Mobile to Mobile minutes, as well as unlimited weekend minutes.

T-Mobile Family Plans:
� 700 Minute Family Time $59.99
� 1000 Minute Family Time $69.99
� 2000 Minute Family Time Plus $99.99

Nextel offers a variety of Motorola phones with most free after rebates; they also offer 2 phones with their family plans, with enough minutes to cover most small-medium families.

Nextel Fair & Flexible For Families Plans:
� 800 Shared Anytime Minutes $69.99
� 1500 Shared Anytime Minutes $89.99

Verizon Wireless
Verizon offers 2 free phones with a two-year agreement, and top models are the Motorola v325 camera phone, and the Motorola v3c Razr Bluetooth Phone, both free after rebates. The America’s Choice Family Shareplans offer a variety of levels, including the ultimate 2100 minute level not found with other plans at this time.

America’s Choice Family SharePlan
� 700 Minute Verizon Wireless Family Plan $69.99
� 1400 Minute Verizon Wireless Family Plan $89.99
� 2100 Minute Verizon Wireless Family Plan $109.99

Do take the time to consider how many minutes you and your family uses on an average month, and then pick the best package. Since family plans do not usually roll over minutes, it’s best to take the closest to your actual usage; you are paying the difference! Family wireless plans do add up to exceptional savings over the long-term, especially with most 2-year contracts. The Motorola V3C Razr phone in particular is the trendiest phone on the market, and you may have more than one family member interested! Make the most of family wireless plans by using unlimited nights and weekend options, as well as upgrading as needed.

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