Choosing a Name for Baby

Getting ready for a baby is built of many steps and challenges. Some things are fun too! Who doesn’t love searching for pink and blue onsies or baby booties? Other tasks can prove to be much more complicated.

One of the most important things you’ll do must be carefully thought out. What is it? Choosing your baby’s name.

The name that you choose will stick with your baby for a lifetime( barring legal actions!). I must admit that I didn’t understand how difficult this task could be until I had to complete it. I find myself in the same predicament facing the birth of a new baby this October. Unlike my first baby naming endeavor, I have a wealth of past experience on my side. Today, I’m offering that baby naming know how to anyone stuck in the baby naming rut!


Many people dream of getting married and having children from a very early age. Some even “name” their imaginary children years or decades before their actual conception or birth. If you are one of those people, why not live out your baby name dream? There are many reasons not to use the name that was thought up in the past. This may even include the fact that the name you chose 10 years ago may sound hideous to you now. Think of the reason why you chose the name. Does the name represent an ideal? There is nothing wrong with using the same imagination to create a baby name that represents your present state of mind. Names do not have to be traditional. In fact, a name can be totally original. More and more, people are choosing to go with their own baby name inventions. You can try this by changing a few letters in more traditional names. Karyn can easily become Taryn or Daryn. The possibilities are endless when you use yourself as a guide.


Naming your baby after Grandma Pauline or Uncle Jack can be a great way of memorializing the beloved family member. When looking at family trees, don’t neglect relatives last or even middle names. A popular trend is for a baby girl to take her mothers maiden name as a first or middle name. Alright, you may not be in love with a relative’s entire name. Think about using the relatives initials for inspiration. M.J.L. or C.L.N. can stand for so many things!


Each year new and revised editions of baby name books are released. In the beginning, the books were often very similar or very traditional! That is not the case today. You will be able to find a baby name book to suit a wide variety of tastes. There are books hundreds to thousands of names. Some books even contain the meanings of names. You can find traditional and exotic name suggestions in these resources.


New movies and television shows are constantly airing. Take the time and listen to the characters names. There are some very creative names in the world of television and movies. You may even want to carefully note the places Naming babies after places has become an extremely popular trend. Everyone knows Dakota Fanning! You may even want to expand your baby name search to past movies and television shows. There will always be shows in syndication as well as repeatedly aired movies. If this still isn’t inspiring enough, scour your own collection of DVDs and VHS tapes for more ideas. Don’t neglect the internet. There are many sites devoted to memorializing current and past television shows and movies.


You may not have a choice of hearing all of your relatives or friends suggestions for your new baby’s name Instead of focusing on the negative and taking offense to the advice, listen to it. Maybe you could integrate a suggested name into your plan. You might like Stephan instead of Steven. Either way, you’ll be keeping the people close to you happy and completing a little research of your own.

Choosing a baby’s name can be a rewarding and trying experience. Don’t let it stress you out. The joy of having your baby will quickly overshadow any “trauma” associated with baby name finding.

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